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Leading SAFe® 6.0 Certification Training (SAFe® Agilist)

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Drive a Lean-Agile transformation at the industry level with globally recognized SAFe® training and certification.

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Certification Program (SAFe Agilist)

Leading SAFe is a 2 day course which covers the core competencies of lean enterprise and portfolio management. It offers you an introduction to the foundations of SAFe and provides the principles and practices to confidently drive your Lean-Agile transformation. The course and resulting certification offer the guidance and tools to build a culture of resiliency and a shared language that engages employees and focuses on customers so that organizations can work with agility at scale.

Objectives of the SAFe Certification course:
By attending the courses learners will learn:

  • How to realize the benefits of SAFe, including:
    • How to establish Team and Technical Agility and organize around the flow of value.
    • How to align massive organizations around clear, common objectives
    • How to participate successfully in critical SAFe events, such as PI Planning
    • How to adopt a customer-centric mindset

Key Features of the SAFE® AGILE TRAINING


Globally accredited certification

Get Certified SAFe® Agilist PDF certificate & Digital Badge


PDUs and SEUs

Earn 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs


Updated SAFe version

The course is based on the latest version of SAFe 6.0


Torrent of Learning Material

Get access to study material, white paper, mock exam and case studies prepared by the Agile industry experts, supporting your end-to-end SAFe® journey


SAFe Membership

Get access to one-year SAFe® Community Platform membership


Practice SAFe

Learn to how apply SAFe principles and ways in your enterprise for relentless change


Topics Covered


  • Anyone is eligible to attend the course. No prior knowledge required.
  • Beneficial for Executives, Leaders, Project Managers, Development, QA, Enterprise, System and Solution Architects.
  • However, prior knowledge of Agile / Scrum / Kanban would be highly beneficial, experience in distributed environments or working with large teams would be helpful.

Exam details:

Before taking the exam, the attendee must complete the Leading SAFe® training in order to become Certified SAFe® professional. The course provides access to the study material and resources for the exam, but mere attending the course doesn’t guarantee passing the exam.

Exam Name - Leading SAFe / SAFe Agilist – 6.0

Number of Questions - 45

Question Format - Multiple Choice

Scheme - Single browser – Web Based, Closed Book, No outside assistance and timed.

Access - Attendees can access the exam upon completing the Leading SAFe® Course within the SAFe community

Duration - Attendees will have 90 minutes i,e. 1.5 hours to complete the exam (45 Questions)

Passing Score - 80%

Language - English

Exam Cost - Included

Retake Policy - The Attendee can make a second attempt (retake) immediately after the first attempt. It takes a 10-day wait for the third attempt and 30-day wait for the fourth attempt.

  • Original Exam – Within 30 days
  • First Retake – Can be taken immediately after the first failed attempt
  • Second Retake – Can be taken 10 days after the first retake
  • Third Retake – Can be taken 30 days after the second retake
  • All subsequent retakes require a 30 day wait period.

Study material:

We suggest that the attendees utilize a variety of resources to prepare for the exam. The material we provide are:

  • Course Materials are important as they are aligned with the course covered in class and can be easily downloaded from the SAFe® Community Platform.
  • A Comprehensive Guide that covers all your doubts and includes a detailed reading list, accessible after course completion through the Learning plan in the SAFe® Community Platform.
  • Practice Test prepares you for the certification exam, including the same number of questions, difficulty level, and time duration.
  • A web-enabled Sample Questions’ flashcard consisting of relevant questions can be found online and in the study guide.

Benefits Attendees Get:

  • Agile Professional Coaching Cards
  • Access to Agile QueXt (Volume 5) magazine
  • Intensive preparation through interviews, case studies and other study materials in order to take the exam after course completion.
  • Continuous learning support through E-books, conferences ,webinars,workbooks and workshops for up-to-date industry updates.
  • Access to meet-up groups and events to connect with other certified SAFe® professionals for enhanced learning

To qualify for the exam, it is crucial for the participant to attend both days of the course.

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What does Xebia provide differently?

Step into the realm of learning for an all-inclusive growth. Xebia is a pioneering IT consultancy and service provider that aims at Enterprise Development, Agile Development, DevOps, and Outsourcing Services.

World-class Training

World-class Training

Xebia Academy offers an intensive learning program and industry-specific training courses. It’s a globally acclaimed partner for web development training and certification courses. ReadmoreReadless

Boon To Career

Boon To Career

Xebia offers excellent consultancy, innovative tools, and continuous career growth. We will train you to become an Agile Leader, Agile Champion, Agile Coach or Agile Scaling expert (with LeSS, SAFe or Scrum@Scale). ReadmoreReadless

Expert Advantage

Expert Advantage

Get trained by our 15+ In-House SAFe® Program Consultants (SPCs) with an average 18 years of experience: Agile Experts with extensive knowledge of LeSS, Scaled Professional Scrum, Kanban, SAFe and Spotify.ReadmoreReadless

Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning

Pick the right course: You can choose a public class at our training centre, or learn with your colleagues in a customized, in-company training program, facilitated on-site at your location, anywhere in the world.ReadmoreReadless

Global Experience

Global Experience

18 years of professional training experience and trusted by over 1,00,000 professionals worldwide. Xebia Academy is the largest producer of Agile & Scrum certifications globally.ReadmoreReadless

Global Experience

Hands-on And Practical Learning Experience

Our trainers are hands-on SAFe practitioners and provide interactive training sessions which let students master required skills in real-world scenarios, giving them an edge in the industry. ReadmoreReadless

Certification Process

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    Enroll for Leading SAFe® 6.0 Course

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    Attend the two-day Leading SAFe Training

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    Get access to attempt the exam

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    Pass the exam

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    Get certified as a Leading SAFe 6.0

Industry Connect

Who should attend this course?

Anyone who is determined to master Business Agility and take their Lean-Agile enterprise on the vertex of productivity and value can attend this course. Though there are no strict prerequisites required, however, 5+ years of experience in Software Development, Testing, Business Analysis, Product/Project Management, or Scrum would be an added bonus.

People who attend this course are:

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    Quality Analysts

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    Executives / Directors /Vps / Senior Managers

  • icon

    Program And Project Managers

  • icon

    Product Manager

  • icon

    Portfolio Managers

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  • icon

    Software Architects

  • icon

    Software Development Managers

  • icon

    Scrum Masters & Team Members

  • icon

    Students And Individuals With Interest

What skills will you learn in SCALED AGILE TRAINING?

Fundamentals of SAFe®

You’ll learn the basic constructs of SAFe®  Implementation Roadmap

PI Planning

You’ll learn to support and execute PI Planning and events correlated with program execution

Lean Portfolio Management

You’ll learn to align and execute Strategic Themes along with Lean Portfolio management

Continuous Delivery Pipeline

You’ll learn to steer the value delivery through Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Effective Scaling

You’ll learn to upscale Lean and Agile development in an enterprise by applying an effective Lean-Agile mindset.

Organization Transformation

You’ll learn to reinforce transformational leadership, develop people and elevate innovation to bring a significant change.

Why should you attend THE SAFE AGILE COURSE?

The rise in demand for SAFe Agilist certification has emerged as it augments the prospects of your career, it has become a career path for servant leaders.

According to recent studies, more than half of the Fortune 100 companies are actively recruiting Leading SAFe® professionals. Acquiring a Leading SAFe® certification helps you to lay a stronger foundation of your career in Agile transformed enterprises.

For a coherent Agile transformation, the modus operandi of SAFe® is designed to benefit the large-scale Lean-Agile enterprises. By the end of the course, you’ll acquire an understanding to:

  • Lead a Lean-Agile transformation in enterprises 
  • Execute and deliver value through Agile Release Trains (ART)
  • Be the initiator of growth in your enterprise through strategy, execution, and leadership.
  • Achieve organization goals and complete business agility with strategy, execution and leadership with globally accredited SAFe® certification
Why should you attend this course

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Xebia is a pioneering IT consultancy and service provider that aims at Enterprise Development, Agile Development, DevOps, and Outsourcing Services. We work towards high-quality digital transformation with the amalgamation of Lean, Agile, and Scrum, catering to the best in the industry.

Xebia Academy is the training arm of Xebia, offering intensive training, learning program and certification courses in Agile Frameworks, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Big Data, Cloud, Microsoft, Full Stack Development and Program Testing with experts specialized in Data and AI, Cloud, DevOps, Business Agility, Security, Training & Learning, Software Development, Product Management, and Quality Improvement.

  • Globally accredited and affiliated for Agile and Scrum certifications with Scaled Agile, Scrum.org, Scrum Alliance, IC Agile, Kanban, training partnerships with Microsoft, Cloudera, DevOps Institute and DASA.
  • Provides comprehensive training in Apache Hadoop, spark, leading SAFe, DevOps fundamentals.
  • Recently affiliated with Lightbend, Service Now, GitHub, Atlassian, and MongoDB, for enhanced training.

With our industry-specific training courses, we provide the students with the right tools and encouraging environment to strengthen their foundation which aids their growth.

  • Trained over 7000+ professionals
  • Equipped with 15+ SPCs
  • Delivered 500+ SAFe® Trainings
  • Xebia is No.1 SAFe® Gold Partner

SAFe transforms the vision of an enterprise through Software Solutions, Team, Program, Large Solution, and Portfolio. It enables improved and rapid business results with top-notch quality, accuracy, and predictability.

SAFe enables the effectiveness of organizations through Lean, Agile, and DevOps in which includes mastery of five core competencies. It aids organizations to adequately accord with a dynamic market, consumer needs, business results, and emerging technologies.

SAFe Agilist Certification assists you in your proficiency in Lean Thinking, SAFe Framework, and Product Development flow in enterprises. The globally accredited Leading SAFe training lets students to apply quality practical knowledge of SAFe in large enterprises.

After the certification, one should be able to:

  • Bring change and lead that transformation in Scrum teams.
  • Understand and act according to the dynamics of ever-changing marketplace
  • Become a top-notch Scrum professional with handsome income
  • Seize more opportunities from topmost organizations

Our trainers are dedicated and ardent with the training they provide to the future servant-leaders, upholding over 18 years of the industry experience. They train the students by incorporating relevant examples and solutions to the real-life scenarios that students might face later in the marketplace.

Our trainers constantly buff their knowledge and stay up-to-date with industry changes & standards, so that they teach the most accurate and updated information.

In this case, you’ll need to renew your certification. You can follow the process here. (redirecting to Scaled Agile.com website)

You can take the test within 30 days of completing the course. You can take the second attempt immediately after the first attempt, whereas the third attempt takes a 10-day wait and the fourth attempt would take 30 days.

You will earn 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs awarded by Project Management Institute (PMI) and Scrum Alliance, respectively. Your educational history is analysed by these institutions all through any educational effort you make and awards of credit you earn.

You can become a SAFe Community Platform member by 3 ways:

  • Be uploaded on the course roster that you are taking, before or after attending the course.
  • Purchase an Individual Membership
  • You are an added member of a SAFe enterprise

When you get the SAFe Community Platform membership, you’ll receive a ‘Welcome to the Community’ email. Then set your password and log in. You’ll receive a notification mentioning about your assigned learning plan, it must be completed in order to acquire the course certificate.

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