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Get equipped with Data Science with R enveloping Data Manipulation, Data Visualization & Advanced Statistics

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Become a certified Data scientist and contribute to the industry by creating applications and programs. R is the most sought-after program due to its robustness, flexibility and easy coding. What makes it one of a kind in the data science industry is its effective techniques like clustering, time-series analyses and classification techniques, linear/non-linear modelling and statistical tests.

This in-depth Data Science with R Training course submerges in Data Science concepts like exploratory data analysis, statistics fundamentals, hypothesis testing, regression & classification modelling techniques and machine learning algorithms. The course aims to give an Introduction to Machine Learning with R.

Key Features of the course

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Statistical Learning with advanced Excel

Updated Stats

Encompasses advanced statistics and Predictive Modelling

Relevant Study Material

Get relevant study material designed by industry experts

Extensive Learning

Learn better with case studies, activities and quizzes

Instructor led training

40 hours of instructor-led training

Comprehensive Learning

Learn the principles of R from the scratch


Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Data Science
    • Analytics Landscape
    • Project Life-Cycle
    • Data Science Tools and Technologies
  • Understanding R
    • R Programming Introduction
    • Installing and Loading Libraries
    • Data Structures in R
    • Control & Loop Statements in R
    • Functions in R
    • Loop Functions in R
    • String Manipulation & Regular Expression in R
    • Working with Data in R
    • Data Visualization in R
    • Case Study
  • Probability and Stats
    • Central Tendency Measures
    • Dispersion Measures
    • Descriptive Statistics
    • Probability Basics
    • Marginal Probability
    • Bayes Theorem
    • Probability Distributions
    • Hypothesis Testing
  • Advanced Stats & Predictive Modelling – I
    • ANOVA
    • Linear Regression (OLS)
    • Case Study: Linear Regression
    • Principal Component Analysis
    • Factor Analysis
    • Case Study: PCA/FA
  • Advanced Stats & Predictive Modelling – II
    • Logistic Regression
    • Case Study: Logistic Regression
    • K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
    • Case Study: K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
    • Decision Tree
    • Case Study: Decision Tree
  • Time Series Forecasting
    • Basics of Time Series Data
    • Visualizing Time Series Components
    • Exponential Smoothing
    • Holt's Model
    • Holt-Winter's Model
    • ARIMA
    • Case Study: Time Series Modeling on Stock Price
  • Capstone Project
    • Real-life project under the industry-expert guidance.


  • There are no prerequisites required to attend this course, although little knowledge of Programming would be beneficiary.

Project Details:

1. Linear Regression: Learn to build a regression model to anticipate the property prices using Linear Regression.

2. Logistic Regression: Learn to build a classification model to anticipate customer characteristics, when they are likely to pay via credit card by default, helping the bank to be proactive in collecting dues.

3. KNN: With the help of health metrics, know if a patient is likely to get any chronic kidney disease, using KNN.

4. Decision Tree: Learn to build a model predicting the Wine Quality using Decision Tree (Regression Trees)

Hands-On Project

The hands-on project will help you to qualify the certification and master the specialization.

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Global Experience

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Certification Process

  • 01

    Enroll for Data Science Course with R

  • 02

    Attend the R Training

  • 03

    Get certified as a R Programming Data Scientist

Industry Connect

Who should attend this course?

  • Data Science Enthusiasts

  • Software Engineers

  • Data Engineers

What skills will you learn in the course?

Tools, Techniques and Technologies

Familiarize yourself with latest tools and technologies like Ggplot and Plotly

R Libraries

Learn about R libraries such as Dplyr, Data.table, that manipulate data.


Understand how to build substantial models for in-depth knowledge of Statistics Fundamentals

Data Analysis

Discover R Libraries and learn to work on data manipulation, data preparation and data explorations

Data Visualization

Learn about Data visualization by using R graphics libraries like Ggvis, Plotly etc.

Predictive Modeling

Learn to operate ANOVA, Linear Regression using OLS, Logistic Regression by using MLE, KNN, Decision Trees

Why should you attend this course?

Professionals who are seeking for a stronger and structured R learning program are attending this course to use R for effective analysis of large datasets. Gain an unparalleled knowledge of Data Science techniques and create applications on data statistics.

Land in better Data Scientists jobs in top companies and different verticals like pharmaceuticals, cyber security, government offices and retail. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to solve real-world problems by discovering and interpreting relationships in intricate information.

  • Train for the pioneering career
  • Be a contributor to the Data Science industry
  • Build applications on Data Statistics
  • Get easily hired by top companies across sectors

Know your Trainers

Program Visual Library


The Data Science industry is evolving, hence the most preferred profession due to high demand for Data Science Professionals. After the certification, you can market yourself as a Data Scientist and land in high paying jobs in most prestigious companies across sectors.

This course gives you an opportunity to elevate your existing knowledge or career in Data Science.

R Programming and MS Excel are used in this course.

There are no strict prerequisites for this course. However, basic knowledge of Programming and Statistics would be beneficial.

  • Advanced Knowledge of Data Science
  • Solving real-world problems
  • Statics and Probability of Data Science
  • An understanding of Data collection, Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Tools like R

You’ll get trained with R Experts possessing years of industry experience.

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