Advanced Developing on AWS

Successfully re-architect legacy, on-premises monolithic applications into cloud-native, microservice-driven architectures, explore a variety of infrastructures through guided discussions and hands-on activity and build highly scalable and cost effective applications.

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The 3-day AWS Certificate Course covers advanced development topics such as architecting for a cloud-native environment and deconstructing on-premises legacy applications and repackaging them into cloud-based, cloud-native architectures. The best AWS Certification by Xebia also covers how to apply the tenets of the Twelve-Factor Application methodology.

Course overview

  • Level: Advanced
  • Type: Classroom (virtual and in person)
  • Length: 3 days

Key Features of the course

Intensive training

Get 3 days of high-quality training

Projects and Demos

Learn through 2 live projects and 21 live demos

Continuous Learning

The course includes case study based discussions and labs

Self-Paced Learning

Get a lifelong access to self-paced learning

Relevant Study Material

Get relevant study material designed by industry experts

Renowned AWS partner

Xebia is accredited partner for AWS Certification


Topics Covered

  • Day 1 :
    • Module 1: The cloud journey
    • Common off-cloud architecture
    • Introduction to Cloud Air
    • Monolithic architecture
    • Migration to the cloud
    • Guardrails
    • The six R’s of migration
    • The Twelve-Factor Application Methodology
    • Architectural styles and patterns
    • Overview of AWS Services
    • Interfacing with AWS Services
    • Authentication
    • Infrastructure as code and Elastic Beanstalk
    • Demonstration: Walk through creating base infrastructure with AWS CloudFormation in the AWS console
    • Module 2: Gaining Agility
    • DevOps
    • CI/CD
    • Application configuration
    • Secrets management
    • CI/CD Services in AWS
    • Demonstration: Demo AWS Secrets Manager
  • Day 2 :
    • Module 3: Monolith to MicroServices
    • Microservices
    • Serverless
    • A look at Cloud Air
    • Microservices using Lambda and API Gateway
    • SAM
    • Strangling the Monolith
    • Hands-on lab: Using AWS Lambda to develop microservices
    • Module 4: Polyglot Persistence & Distributed Complexity
    • Polyglot persistence
    • DynamoDB best practices
    • Distributed complexity
    • Step functions
  • Day 3 :
    • Module 5: Resilience and Scale
    • Decentralized data stores
    • Amazon SQS
    • Amazon SNS
    • Amazon Kinesis Streams
    • AWS IoT Message Broker
    • Serverless event bus
    • Event sourcing and CQRS
    • Designing for resilience in the cloud
    • Hands-on lab: Exploring the AWS messaging options
    • Module 6: Security and Observability
    • Serverless Compute with AWS Lambda
    • Authentication with Amazon Cognito
    • Debugging and traceability
    • Hands-on lab: Developing microservices on AWS
    • Hands-on lab 8: Automating deployments with Cloud Formation


In order to attend the course, the attendee must have:

  • In-depth knowledge of at least one high-level programming language
  • Working knowledge of core AWS services and public cloud implementation
  • Completion of the Developing on AWS classroom training, and then a minimum of 6 months of application of those concepts in a real world environment

What does Xebia provide differently?

Step into the realm of learning for an all-inclusive growth. Xebia is a pioneering IT consultancy and service provider that aims at Enterprise Development, Agile Development, DevOps, and Outsourcing Services.

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World-class Training

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Boon To Career

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Flexible Learning

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Global Experience

Hands-on And Practical Learning Experience

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Certification Process

  • 01

    Enroll in Advanced Developing with AWS course

  • 02

    Attend the training

  • 03

    Get certified as an AWS Developer

Industry Connect

Who should attend this course?

  • Experienced software developers who are already familiar with AWS services

What skills will you learn in the course?

Analyze a monolithic application architecture to determine logical or programmatic break points where the application can be broken up across different AWS services.

Apply Twelve-Factor Application manifesto concepts and steps while migrating from a monolithic architecture.

Recommend the appropriate AWS services to develop a microservices based cloud-native application.

Use the AWS API, CLI, and SDKs to monitor and manage AWS services.

Migrate a monolithic application to a microservices application using the 6 Rs of migration.

Explain the SysOps and DevOps interdependencies necessary to deploy a microservices application in AWS.

Why should you attend this course?

The advanced Developing on AWS course is ideal for those looking to improve their AWS cloud skills and propel their career path. With a high demand for AWS solutions architects and higher earning potential for trained employees, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect is the most-sought after profession.

  • Build highly scalable and cost effective applications
  • Become an Amazon certified professional
  • Market yourself as a Certified AWS Solutions Architect
  • Land in high-ranked job roles in prestigious companies

Program Visual Library


By the end of the course, you’ll gain an understanding of:

  • Creating basic Python and PHP Code to control AWS environments
  • AWS Platform as a developer
  • Amazon Cognito for user authentication
  • Amazon ElastiCache to improve application scalability
  • Leveraging the CI/CD pipeline to deploy applications on AWS

No, the certification is included in the course fee..

In this course, presentations, group exercises, hands-on labs and demonstrations are included.

Yes, the course completion allows you to attend and pass the Developing on AWS exam.

Sure it is. You’ll become a certified AWS Developer accredited by Amazon

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