Data Visualization with Tableau

Master Tableau and Tableau Interface to excel at Data Visualization.

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The massive amount of data generated in today’s world needs efficient organization, and the Data Visualization with Tableau course enables you to cultivate this skill using graphs, charts and dashboards, and acquaints with concepts like linking charts, scripting, dashboard integration, conditional formatting, Tableau integration with R, etc.

The Data Visualization With Tableau Training Program will help you learn how to create and understand graphs, charts, and other visual representations of data. The course provides an in-depth knowledge and hands-on training experience with Tableau, one of the leading Data Visualization tools.

The on-demand hours of the program help you learn to build and organize Data Visualization with Tableau at your own pace. The real-world application of what you have learnt becomes exponentially easier with the help of case studies and interactive training sessions.

The training program includes projects like visual analytics, creating dashboards, story-telling with Tableau, and so on to give you a 360-degree perspective on Tableau.

Objectives of the course:

  • Learn the basics of Tableau and Tableau Desktop Interface
  • Learn to build and organize Data Visualization with Tableau
  • Learn about Dashboard Concepts, Objects and Actions
  • Learn to work with different types of Graphs
  • Learn types of Analysis:Pareto, Cohort, and Customer Frequency Analysis

Key Features of the course

Globally accredited certification

Get Data Visualization with Tableau PDF certificate & Digital Badge

Self-Paced Learning

Eight hours of self-paced learning

High Quality Courseware

Get access to study material, white paper, mock exam and case studies prepared by the Big Data industry experts

Best in world Mentorship

Get trained and mentored by Big Data industry experts

Interactive instructor-led training

Training sessions that meet the exact needs of every individual

Extensive Learning

Learn better with case studies, activities and quizzes


  • Segment 1 (4 Hours 4 sessions)
    • Overview of Tableau
    • Tableau Desktop Interface: Building blocks: data source page, dimensions, measures, discreet, continuous, marked card, rows, columns, show me, data types, & analytics Pane.
    • Line graph - date field usage : date part/value , Edit axis, Labels, Formatting
    • Bar graph - horizontal, vertical, bar in bar, stacked, side by side and dual, sort
    • Groups & Alias
    • Calculated fields - row & aggregated
    • Filters - dimensions, measures & date
    • Ref line, band , distribution
    • Tree map
    • Word cloud
    • Bubble graph
    • Crosstab - Totals
    • Heat map
    • Parameters
    • Histogram
    • User level filters
    • Bullet graph
    • Context filters
    • Date Functions
    • Gantt bars
    • Geo spatial analysis- Map, Hierarchy , Map layers, Edit location
    • Joins & Unions
    • Schedule a refresh
    • Dashboard Concept, Objects , Device preview
    • Dashboard actions : Filter, Highlight , Go to URL
  • Segment 2 (4 Hours 4 sessions)
    • Data blend
    • Dual axis map
    • Lollipop graph
    • Table Calculation concept
    • Quick table calculation, Secondary calculation
    • Waterfall graph
    • Pareto analysis
    • Set : constant , combined & Computed
    • 100% bar graph
    • Connecting to R/Python
    • Pie (2 types) , pie on a map
    • Donut
    • LOD concept
    • Fixed/Exclude/Include LOD calculations
    • Cohort Analysis
    • Customer frequency analysis
    • New customer acquisition
    • Background images
    • Radial distance
    • Spatial Groups
    • WMS connection
    • Dashboard : set actions
    • Dashboard Target filters
    • Page action
    • Story
  • Segment 3 - Evaluation
    • Final Project: using the company’s in-house data addressing the current challenges


  • Basics of SQL – Joins, Unions
  • Basic maths, analytics, English and logical constructions

Study material:

  • Course Materials are important as they are aligned with the course covered in class and can be easily downloaded from the Big Data and Data Science Community Platform.
  • A Comprehensive Guide that covers all your doubts and includes a detailed reading list, accessible after course completion through the Learning Plan in the Big Data and Data Science Community Platform.

Benefits attendees get:

  • The Data Visualization with Tableau certificate is included in the price of the training.
  • This certification will provide you with proof of participation.
  • You will receive a digital badge with the certificate.
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Certification Process

To earn a CSD credential, you need a formal training of five days by Scrum Alliance REPs.

  • 01

    Enroll for Data Visualization With Tableau Course

  • 02

    Attend the on-demand training hours

  • 03

    Get certified by Xebia Academy Global

Industry Connect

Who should attend this course?

  • Data Scientists

  • Statisticians

  • Business Analysts

  • Project Managers

  • Business Intelligence & Testing Professionals

  • Data Visualization Analysts and Functional Experts

What skills will you learn in the course?

The Fundamentals

You’ll learn the basics of Tableau and Tableau Interface.

Tools in Data Visualization

You’ll learn how to create easy-to-access charts, graphs and dashboards.

Practical Implementation

You’ll learn real-world applications of Tableau tools.

Visualizing Data

You’ll learn to build and organize Data Visualization with Tableau

Organizing Data

You’ll learn to use the company’s in-house data addressing the current challenges.

Why should you attend this course?

The industry has seen a tremendous rise in demand for Tableau professionals. This course provides you with a platform to jump-start your training and gain significant knowledge of the leading Data Visualization tool, Tableau.

By the end of this course, you’ll have an understanding of:

  • The basics of Tableau and Tableau Desktop Interface
  • How to build and organize Data Visualization with Tableau
  • The concepts, objects, and actions in Dashboard
  • Creating graphs, charts, maps, and bars
  • Visual analytics and story-telling with Tableau

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Anyone who wishes to learn how to organize visual representation of data can attend the Data Visualization with Tableau Training Course.

This course provides you with a platform to jump-start your training and gain significant knowledge of the leading Data Visualization tool, Tableau.

The highly interactive and experiential learning that Xebia provides will help you practice and equip you with the technical skills needed to work with containers quickly and efficiently.

The duration of the training depends on the student, as Xebia Academy Global provides on-demand hours for the Data Visualization with Tableau Training.

There are no prerequisites for this course, though a basic knowledge of SQL and basic maths, analytics, English and logical constructions will help.

The enrollment process is actually easy. You just need to choose your options: Debit/Credit Card or PayPal. After registering for the Data Visualization with Tableau Training at the Xebia Academy Global website, you will receive a confirmation email with practical information.

The trainers at Xebia Academy Global are Certified Data Science experts with an impressive experience and a passion for teaching.

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