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Master the skills of Hadoop framework and Big Data tools.

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Apache Storm is a distributed open-source stream engine that can process large amounts of data quickly. It's a real-time computational system written in the Clojure programming language that makes it easier to process infinite streams of data. It has the advantage of being compatible with any programming language.

It's designed to take in large amounts of data at high speeds from a variety of sources, analyse it, and publish real-time updates to a UI or any other specified destination location.

Apache Storm Training Certification will teach you about the architecture, installation, planning, and setup of the software. Under the Apache Storm Training Course, you'll learn how to benefit from the Storm's capabilities and use it to handle large amounts of data in real time. The Apache Storm Training course will also show you how Storm interacts with other frameworks such as Kafka, Java, and Cassandra.

Apache Storm interacts with your existing queueing and database technologies. An Apache Storm topology receives data streams and processes them in arbitrarily complicated ways, splitting the streams as needed between each stage of the computation.

Key Features of the course

18 Hours of Interactive Learning

Learn from our experts who are also industry experts

Comprehensive Training

Easy to learn course with flexible training methods

Increased Hireability

Boost your career by getting hired by top companies

Storm and Features

Get comprehensive in-depth knowledge on Storm using Spouts and Bolts

Practical training

Experience practical project development led by actual examples

Big Data and Analytics

Learn better by understanding the fundamentals of Big Data and various data analytics


Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Big Data and Storm
    • What is Big Data, Big Data Analytics: Batch Vs Real Time
    • Hadoop for Batch Analytics
    • Shortcomings of Hadoop
    • Storm for Real Time Analytics
    • What is Storm
    • Use Cases of Storm
    • Components of Storm
    • Properties of Storm
    • Storm Vs Hadoop
    • Storm Data Model
    • Storm Architecture
    • Storm Bolt
    • Storm Topology
    • Serialization-Deserialization
    • Types of Topologies
  • Storm Installation and Configuration
    • Storm Installation
    • Storm Running Modes
    • Creating First Storm Topology
  • Advanced Concepts - Storm
    • Spouts
    • Types of Spouts
    • Structure of Spout
    • Bolt
    • Structure of Bolt
    • Stream Groupings
    • Ack and Fail
    • Ack Timeout
    • Anchoring
    • Topology Lifecycle
    • Data Ingestion in StormTopology–Connecting Spout and Bolt
  • Storm Trident
    • Trident
    • Trident Data Model/span>
    • Stateful Processing using Trident
    • Operations in Trident
    • Trident State
    • Trident Topology
    • Fault-tolerance Levels
    • Pipelining
    • Trident Advantages


Fundamental knowledge of programming languages like Java, Object-Oriented Programming, Hadoop, Linux, will benefit in understanding the course better

Project Details:

  • Real-Time Analysis In Twitter

Storm can be integrated with Twitter systems for a variety of purposes, including real-time analytics, personalisation, search, revenue optimization, and more. Twitter faces numerous hurdles, including feed personalisation, improved result search, and so on. Storm works seamlessly with the rest of Twitter's infrastructure, including the database systems (Cassandra, Memcached), Mesos and monitoring.

  • Real-Time Pipelining In Spotify

Spotify has a number of real-time features, including music recommendations, monitoring, analytics, ad targeting, and playlist creation with streaming over 50 million active users and 10 million subscribers.

Spotify can simply create low-latency fault-tolerant distributed systems with Apache Storm. The personalised Storm architecture subscribes to various user events, decorates the event with entity metadata (such as song genre) retrieved from Cassandra, organises the events by user, and computes various user attributes using an algorithmic combination of aggregation and derivation.

  • Online Travel Websites with Real-Time Pipelining

End-users receive real-time metasearch data from affiliates via Apache Storm. Storm's topology concepts alleviate concurrency concerns while also assisting them in continuously integrating, dissecting, and cleaning data. In addition, Storm's tools allow users to make incremental modifications to their data..

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Certification Process

  • 01

    Enroll for Apache Storm

  • 02

    Attend the Apache Storm training

  • 03

    Get certified as a Apache Storm Engineer/Developer

Industry Connect

Who should attend this course?

  • Software Professionals

  • Data Scientists

  • ETL Developers

  • Project Managers

  • Mainframe Professionals

  • Analytics professionals

  • Research professionals

  • IT developers and testers

  • Big Data Analysts

  • Hadoop Professionals

What skills will you learn in the course?

Understanding Big Data

Learn the fundamentals of Big Data and key concepts, its usage and other types of Data Analytics.

Storm Basics

Learn the basic concepts of Storm architecture and its application in real-time stream processing.

Storm Installation and Configuration

Learn how to install Storm and create various topologies using system configuration.

Spouts and Bolts

Learn how to spouts and bolts, its mechanism and lifecycle.

Storm Trident

Learn to manage fiascos inTrident topologies, performing real-time computing in Storm

Real-time industry level projects

Learn to work on real-time projects on Twitter, Spotify, and travel websites for better understanding

Why should you attend this course?

Companies that have adapted Big Data Analytics and want to deliver fast with higher productivity, are in need of Apache Storm. With Apache Storm, organizations process data smoothly without the doubt of losing any of it and easily detect frauds by early risk mitigation.
For an individual, a huge volume of data can be processed with Apache Storm Training

  • Apache Storm developers earn approx $58k annually
  • You can use any programming language in Storm framework
  • Land in lucrative jobs
  • Open the doors of your career with abundance of Apache Developers jobs incoming

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The emergence of big data has opened up a plethora of opportunities for data analysis, making it the most sought-after job path. Developers and engineers who can use tools like Storm to generate business insights are in high demand. This course will teach you all you need to know about Big Data while also providing you with hands-on experience using Storm

People who attend this course are:

  • Software Professionals
  • Data Scientists
  • ETL Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Mainframe Professionals
  • Analytics professionals
  • Research professionals
  • IT developers and testers
  • Big Data Analysts
  • Hadoop Professionals
  • Mac OS X, Windows or Linux
  • A modern web browser such as FireFox, Chrome
  • Internet Connection
  • Real-Time Analysis In Twitter
  • Real-Time Pipelining in Spotify
  • Online Travel Websites with Real-Time Pipelining

There are no fixed prerequisites required for Apache Storm training. However, Fundamental knowledge of programming languages like Java, Object-Oriented Programming, Hadoop, Linux, will benefit in understanding the course better.

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