Accelerate Software Adoption and Comprehension with First-Hand Learning Experience

Instruqt, a scalable, gamified challenge-driven learning platform, tests a user in challenging environments with tricky problems. This creates a real-life scenario for the learner and prepares them for various job roles. The Instruqt platform promotes hands-on learning with a vast repository of tutorials, quizzes, projects, demos, etc. This gives you an opportunity to work with all technologies with 100% elasticity, endorsing technical confidence among young as well as seasoned individuals.

Xebia Fields of Xcellence

Our community of over 1000 people is working towards a complete Digital Transformation of the world. We strive for Authority in every market, compete with focus, and stand by our values, to churn out excellence. Our mission is to resolve IT-based problems, and work on:

  • Bridging the Digital Skill Gap by deploying modern techniques to train the current workforce.
  • Adaptation of new tools and technologies to create high-functioning systems.
  • Eliminating Traditional methods of learning and providing a stage to the new-age Einsteins.

Agile & Devops


Data & AI


Professional Development & Training


Digital Assurance & Security


Software Development


Cloud Transformation


Digital Strategy & Product Management

This is why, Instruqt

Easy Access, Better Learning

  • Easy to Use Platform: Access from your browser, without the hassle of downloading the software.

  • Works with any Operating System: Linux, Windows, Google Cloud, AWS, it works with all.

  • Private and easy to launch Sandbox: Explore your technologies on the go with no disruptions.


Leverage the power of the Cloud

No Setup Required

It is a cloud-based system that lets you invite people to work on projects.

Flexible Project-work

It enables self-paced on-demand learning and provides our unique Gamification feature, all online.

Customizable Learning Experience

Branded learning experience with the power to create and save content in your own way. Integrate with your tools: CMS, LMS, CRM, etc.

Learning Analysis

Measure progress, analyze team efforts and problem areas, gain insights into project capabilities.

What Xebia Academy Offers


Technical courses on DevOps, Cloud, Data, and more from field experts.


Best e-learning tool in the form of Instruqt.


Quality learning content by our in-house body of practitioners.


Beginner to advanced level courses on the platform.

Boost your Performance

Elevate your Cloud Lab Experience

Deliver Action-Oriented Project Demos

Train to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Experienced and trusted by the best


Learning Goals


Gain an in-depth familiarity with the subject topics.


Gain the ability to complete and execute projects.


Gain the understanding to lead and impart wisdom.

Levels of Proficiency


Learn-By-Doing with Instruqt

  • Template Library: Vast library of Docker and Kubernetes templates for a faster innovation process.
  • Well-rounded pedagogy: Find all content – demos, videos, puzzles, quizzes, notes, etc. – in one place.
  • Challenge-Driven Approach: Designed to test your skills and abilities at every step. A gamified experience to increase curiosity and knowledge retention.
  • Extensive Feedback: We welcome mistakes for thorough learning and improvement in the next step.
  • Simple Step-By-Step Approach: Split your content into comprehensible pieces and learn at your own pace.
  • Automated Testing: Use Command-line Interface and test your product for its functionality and practicality.

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