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Digital Ninja 2.0

The Graduate Development program has been envisioned to equip fresh engineering, non-engineering, and software graduates, with skills essential to be a part of a project team.



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Tech Stack


The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for full stack developers will be around 13% through 2026, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Full stack development includes knowledge in front-end, back-end development an database administration.

Industries demand end-to-end development for the growth of their business. This demand is sky-rocketing every month.

Full Stack Developers have access to 50% higher salaries than conventional developers

Future Growth

149 million

technology-oriented jobs globally over the next 5 years (Microsoft)

54% employees

will need reskilling by 2022 (World Economic Forum)

Career Path

Full Stack Development Essential Roles


1. Full Stack Development Essential Roles


2. Frontend Developer


3. UI/UX Specialist


4. Backend Developer


5. Database Administrator


6. DevOps Specialist

What are the Challenges of the Tech Community?


The enterprises do not reach the in-demand digital economy capability.


The need of the live projects deviates from the skill set aligned with the same.


The Conventional Programs do not equip the learners with essential soft skills and industry skills.


The Programs lack real-time hands-on experience with project work.

Our Solution: Digital Ninja 2.0

Xebia Academy global presents a radical and disruptive new program Digital Ninja 2.0. The program is also intended to cater to the seasoned professionals looking for state-of-the art additions in the technological realm. The programme is designed as a fundamental and innovative framework that covers the entire software development life cycle.


01: Screening & Pre-Class Learning

Aptitude & coding capability

Foundation & specialized tracks

Virtual or Classroom instructor led sessions

Self-paced learning

Capstone projects


02: Bootcamp

Business outcome driven exercise

Aptitude & coding capability

Foundation & specialized tracks

Virtual or Classroom instructor led sessions

Self-paced learning


03: Certification

Module wise assessment

Globally recognized certification

Badging ceremony – Digital Badge


04: Capstone Projects

(Track-1): Frontend Engineer Program

(Track-2): Backend Engineer Program

(Track-3): Cloud and DevOps Engineer Program


05: Hackathon

(Sprint-1): UI/UX

(Sprint-2): Backend Development

(Sprint-3): Database and Testing

(Sprint-4): Cloud using DevOps

Accelerate your Career

We provide in-depth training in IT courses that promise high career prospects. Apart from providing experiential learning through Capstone projects and Hackathons, we also provide students the opportunity to learn-by-doing on our challenge-driven learning platform, XCoder

Cloud Labs

A massive demand for expertise in the cloud ecosystem will result in 1.000,000 computing job by 2022. The cloud market is expected to grow at a 13.9% CAGR to 18.07 billion dollars nu 2027. To keep up with the growing cloud capability, Xebia Academy offers cloud labs in consortium with top cloud providers such as AWS and Azure to empower learning and capacity building through cutting-edge technology experiences.

The cloud labs offer an interactive and illustrative way to learn to perform consistently and responsibility.



XCoder is a challenge driven platform that can be used for running both Coding / Non-Coding courses supported by the rich integrated assessment model to actuate Learn-By- Doing approach. The platform can be employed for Full stack Development based Exercises and can be a code playground. The learners have access to our Standard Self-paced course related to the curriculum that include reference reading materials, Video Contents, Practice Exercises, Quizzes and Assessments.

    The platform capability of the challenge driven includes:
  • Project Based Learning

  • AI Proctor and Evaluation

  • Adaptive Mentorship

  • Gamification based progress Tracking

  • Content Integratio

  • Personalised Learning Journeys

  • Skill Assessments with Auto Evaluation

  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting Capability

Career Path


Reporting and Management

We employ effective reporting and management system that gives the learner a high-level overview of the course activity status that is shared with all stakeholders, and team members. The automated and manual reporting provide key metrics for measuring digital learning and evaluating learners’ journey. The reports, in essence, assist you in monitoring what is happening with the training process, what it means, and what you can do to improve results.

In other words, it reflects whether the efforts are yielding results and how much is to be traced to reach the required goal.


Mentoring & Coaching

The students can connect, learn, and grow with the organizational and training setup along their own career paths through coaching and mentoring that is a rigorously adopted process of Digital Ninja Program. Coaching and mentoring are learning tools that can lead to talent nurture and empowerment. Each learner is associated with a mentor who guides and coach the students through the learning journey and is available for any queries, maintaining a track report of learner growth and performance. These essential learning tools serve as an excellent mechanism for skill development, knowledge sharing, and experience sharing. As part of the program, students have access to renowned technology coaches who will assist them in successfully navigating their career path


Digital Ninja 2.0 Program designed by Xebia Academy aims at getting fresh IT graduates ‘project ready’. Explore the case-study with the link provided below.


Digital Ninja 2.0- Program Layout

Agile Process & Development Practices will be covered using Scrum and Kanban methodologies. Candidates will be exposed and trained on Agile way of Software Development. Lean Startup methods will be taught to initiate students into the concept of product innovation and idea of Product Owner role

  • Digital Transformation and Design Thinking
  • Product Management
  • Agile Practices
  • Lean Startup
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Agile Implementation
  • Kanban Principles

The fundamentals covers the essentials of Source code management (SCM) enabling you to work efficiently amongst your team through seamless workflows and file management tools. Participants will then learn about the Linux programming and file system hierarchy in detail. Learners will also explore the way of Software Development with right Software Craftsmanship skills like TDD, BDD, Clean Coding.

  • Source Code Management- Git, SVN, Bitbucket
  • Linux
  • Software Craftsmanship

The technology ecosystem is evolving fast and the key to remain updated is to learn and explore the latest and existing technologies. Companies are looking for developers who are familiar with all facets of development stack. A UI Specialist from the Full Stack hierarchy ensures that every page and step a user takes in their interaction with the finished product conforms to the overall vision created by UX designers which is a part of the upcoming module.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery

A UX expert makes it simple to create interactive user interfaces. The learners will learn to use React for interacting with UI Specifications. React is not a framework but can be considered as a View component of a framework known as MVC Framework, which is used by many languages like Java, JavaScript, and Ruby etc. React efficiently fetches the rapidly transforming data that need to be recorded and then displayed.

  • React.js
  • React render
  • React Props
  • Redux

If you want to create real-time web apps, Node.js is the way to go. It is one of the best back-end development options because it is useful for developing applications that require a communication link from the browser to the server and is frequently used for real-time applications. When it comes to delivering excellent performance, it is incredibly good.

  • Node.js
  • Node REPL
  • Express.js
  • Mongoose
  • GraphQL

The learners will get started with MongoDB and explore execution of a JavaScript file in MongoDB the Installations and basic/ advanced commands on mongo shell. MongoDB is one the most popular core databases, which has a flexible schema and provides high scalability and accessibility for any size of the project.

  • NoSQL
  • MongoDB

While full-stack development may help drive growth in majorly all occurrences, DevOps can steer your project forward in the projects. The learners will have insights into pipelines, and containerization concepts. Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice which helps in early detection of problems, improve quality, and automates the entire process. Thereby, helping you in smooth running of business. The module teaches you the right process and tools to implement Continuous Integration.a

  • DevOps Fundamentals
  • Containerization
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • CICD- Jenkins
  • Cloud Computing
  • AWS Deployment

Program Benefits


Access to 500+ Hours of Interactive Learning


Experiential Learning including Capstone Projects, Community interaction, Blogging & Hackathons


Projects and Assessments to ensure production readiness


Expert Forums to discuss and resolve Queries


Multiple Certification Layers


Extensive Reporting & Detailed Analytics


Competitive Learning Environment


Access to rich Courseware

who should apply

Who should Apply?

Individuals with innate passion to bring a transformation in the technological space.

Fresh graduates and beginners who wants to build a roadmap in the tech-innovative space.

Individuals who want to climb up the corporate ladder.

Seasoned Professionals who want to explore and adopt new realms of technology.

Xebia A Brand Trusted By The Best

We understand the demands of the industry as well as the businesses, thereby deliver the optimum solutions, making us a trusted brand amongst our clients.


In order to apply for the program, you need to meet all of the following criteria. The applicant should have:

  • Should have either passed out or is in the last year of undergraduate degree like B.Tech./B.E./B.Sc./BCA or any other degree with computing fundamentals as a pre-requisite.
  • Individuals with innate passion and interest to pursue career in the versatile field of software development.

No, prior coding experience is required to take up Digital Ninja Program. However, it's important to analyse one’s interest to take up journey with coding

No exam is required to take up Digital Ninja Program. One can get in touch with Xebia team to enquire on the registration process.

There is vast opportunity pool for Full stack developers of which the below profile are quite popular in industry

  • Software Developer
  • Full Stack Engineer
  • Frontend Developer
  • Database Engineer
  • Backend Developer
  • API Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Web Developer

The Digital Ninja Certification valid for lifetime

Full stack developer must have technical skills about programs such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL/NoSQL, Java, Object-Oriented Programming, Node, React, Testing and the like. More the skills, better a developer.

Experienced Industry Experts and Practitioners who work on real -time and live projects will directly engage with the learners and train and mentors in the technology domain making them industry ready.


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