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Learn About Hbase's Architecture, Data Models, And Operations Along With Hive

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HBase is a high-performance, distributed data store created for Apache Hadoop. It is a quasi-database that allows real-time text access to massive datasets. HBase allows you to store a large volume of data in a table with billions of rows and millions of columns. It enables read/write access to Big Data in real time.

The Apache HBase Training Course is particularly for Big Data developers, diving in HBase, NoSQL concepts, and how HBase works with HDFS. Apache HBase Training Certification will be a useful addition to your résumé and will improve your hire ability.

  • The fundamental concepts of HBase and NoSQL.
  • Data models and operations in HBase
  • HBase integration with Hive and HBase APIs

Key Features of the course

24 Hours of Interactive Learning

Learn from our experts who are also industry experts

Comprehensive Training

Easy to learn course with flexible training methods

Increased Hireability

Boost your career by getting hired by top companies

HBase Architecture

Get comprehensive in-depth knowledge of HBase architecture and NoSQL

Practical training

Experience practical project development led by actual examples

Empirical Application

Learn how to incorporate HBase and Hive together and HBase interaction with HDFS


Topics Covered


Fundamental knowledge of programming languages like Java, Object-Oriented Programming, Hadoop, Linux, will benefit in understanding the course better

Project Details:

    Fundamental knowledge of Big Data and Java would be beneficiary to attend this course, along with little knowledge of NoSQL.

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    Certification Process

    • 01

      Enroll for Apache Hbase

    • 02

      Attend the Apache Hbase training

    • 03

      Get certified as a Apache Hbase Developer

    Industry Connect

    Who should attend this course?

    • Web Developers

    • Software Developers

    • Programmers

    What skills will you learn in the course?

    Understanding HBase

    Learn the fundamentals of Hbase, install and configure a new HBase cluster.

    Data Extraction

    Learn to extract data from RDBMS/Flat files into the HBASE systems.


    Understand the context and operate CRUD operations.

    Client-Server Relation

    Understand the interaction between the client and server in HBase.

    Hadoop and HBase

    Learn to enhance an HBase cluster using various Hadoop and HBase options

    Real-world Solutions

    Learn the concepts and techniques of scaling with HBase via empirical examples.

    Why should you attend this course?

    By the end of the course, you’ll acquire an understanding of HBase architecture and NoSQL basic concepts, HBase data models and its operations, Integrating Hive and HBase, and APIs in HBase.
    Market yourself as an Apache HBase developer and enhance your chances of getting hired in top companies.

    • Apache HBase developers earn better than non-certified professionals
    • Land in lucrative jobs
    • Open the doors of your career with abundance of Apache Developers jobs incoming

    Program Visual Library


    Apache HBase is a Hadoop database management system that is ideal for dealing with large amounts of non-relational data. It has the advantage of being reliable and compatible with working on top of HDFS. You will be acquainted with the practical features of HBase after completing this course, such as comprehending HBase architecture and components, HBase and Hive integration, and so on.

    The study material provided by Xebia Academy Global is comprehensive, up-to-date, and extremely helpful in your training.

    • RESTful web service with XML
    • Linear and modular scalability
    • Strict consistent reads and writes
    • Extensible shell
    • Block cache and Bloom filters for real-time queries

    This course is right for any software personnel intending to kickstart their career in Big Data

    • A PC or Mac
    • Internet Access

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