Full Stack Development

Build a diverse skillset with this program and play an important role in crucial business projects. Learn the fundamentals of web development and work on developing front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side) applications through cloud labs and industry projects.

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The web development services are in great demand across the industries and the numbers are increasing day by day. Therefore, anyone that wishes to develop a career in designing web applications and websites can opt for Full Stack Development Course.

The development of the Front end, as well as the back-end segments of the web applications is known as the Full Stack Training. The Full Stack Developer Training, MERN stack training at Xebia Academy enables you to learn and become an expert in programming concepts of the web applications. The Full Stack Developer Courses at Xebia is a great way to ensure higher career prospects. Apart from providing experiential learning through Capstone projects and Hackathons, we also provide learners the opportunity to learn-by-doing on our challenge-driven learning platform, INSTRUQT

During the Stack Developer Course you also learn:

  • The principles of Agile and Scrum
  • Programming with JavaScript
  • UI/UX Design
  • Database Management
  • Principles of DevOps


Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases studies, projects, assignments and live sessions

  • Agile and Scrum

      The objective of this course is to understand what Agile is and need of agile in an organization. We will, be discussing agile principles and core values. How to do sprint planning and daily standups to monitor the progress and adopting best practices for software engineering.

    • What s Agile?
    • Role of Scrum master
    • Agile Vs Traditional Approach
    • How to handle backlogs
    • Artifacts used in Agile
    • Create a burn down chart down chart
  • Deep dive in JavaScript

      JavaScript is one of the most underrated language but now everyone realized the power of JavaScript. In this module will be learning beyond the basics, OOPs in JavaScript, different flavors, why JavaScript is everywhere.

    • How to get started with JavaScript
    • Different JavaScript version
    • ES6 standards
    • OOPs in JavaScript
    • Debugging your code
  • UI Specialist

      Learning objective of this module to make you understand how to get started with web development. HTML and CSS are one of the main building blocks for any kind of web application. We will discuss quite comprehensively about these technologies.

    • Introduction to HTML
    • What is new in HTML5
    • Styling with CSS
    • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • UX Expert with React

      This module takes you a step ahead from User Interface to User experience. How to enhance user experience with optimized code. There are tons of framework available in the market but after intense research and looking at job prospective we bring Reacts in the course to remove all your doubt which one to the most popular library used for building awesome web application.

    • What is React?
    • React.js VS Angular VS VUE.JS
    • Component based Architecture
    • Use of Props
    • Statement management using Redux
    • Best practices
  • Database Engineer

      In this module we will learn different type of databases. Data comes in all size and shape, How to handle different type of data and perform operations on data.

    • Different type of Data
    • NoSQL vs SQL
    • Installation and Setup
    • Managing Database efficiently
    • CURD operations
    • Optimization of query using Index
    • Best practices
  • Backend Engineer using Node.js

      This module takes the learner how to create a backend application using Node.js which is considered to be the most popular and highly scalable backend applications. In this module will discuss server side programming, How to create REST service for different type of application.

    • Installation and setup
    • Node.js Modules
    • Introduction to Express Framework
    • REST APIs Architecture
    • Microservices
    • Unit Testing
    • Best practices
  • DevOps Specialist

      This learning object of this module is understanding how to automate the process of deployment and operations. This is one of the hottest topics in the IT world every organization already started using it or in a process of adopting. Deployment and maintenance are one of the important part of the software development process so we want to introduce essential tools and technologies in our Full stack developer program.

    • What is DevOps
    • CI / CD Pipeline
    • Testing
    • Deployment
    • Maintenance


In order to apply for the program, you need to meet all of the following criteria. The applicant should have:

  • A prior coding experience with basic understanding of technical languages will be beneficial

INR 89,999

Program Fee

INR 40,000

(Excluding GST @ 18%)

  • Registrations closes on May 14th 2022

More Payment Options

Online / UPI / EMIs / No Cost EMIs

Placement Assistance

Boost your Career with Xebia. Once you complete robust training in the latest tools and technologies, deserving candidates will also receive a Letter of Intent (LoI) assuring them of a placement at Xebia and in other reputed IT enterprises. You also earn industry-recognized course completion certificate.

On Completion of Course students will get the industry-recognized or an course completion certificate.


Xebia Benefits


8 Certification Layers


Launchpad for your IT career


Basic salary starting from 7lpa


300+ hours of interactive learning in addition to live virtual sessions


170+ hours of live mentorship


Access to Xebia repository


Real-world solution driven learning through Instruqt


Virtual Labs for each module


Extensive industry projects


One-on-one mentorship and career counselling


Online analytics presence on GitHub


Masterclass with CXOs

Skills you will learn in the course

Fundamentals of DevOps

What is DevOps? Why DevOps?

Source Code Management & Collaboration

Managing large projects the best way using Git & GitHub & collaborating with others.

DevOps Culture

How DevOps culture is different from Traditional Culture & how it benefits?

Cloud Computing Fundamentals & Services Practical’s

What is cloud computing, need & benefits of using cloud computing with all Practical’s on AWS.

Deploying Containerization Applications

What is containerization, its benefits & using Docker.

Orchestration of applications

Managing layer over containers. How to manage containers in large scale projects & using Swarm & Kubernetes.

Deploying CI/CD Pipelines

What is CI/CD pipeline? Deploying pipelines using Jenkins.

Configuration Management & Provisioning Skills

Managing configuration for every use-case using Ansible, to ease the life in-case of performing same task for 10000 systems.

Infrastructure As a Code

Deploying the complete infrastructure for any use-case using Terraform.

Language and Tools

Accelerate your career

We provide in-depth training in IT courses that promise high career prospects. Apart from providing experiential learning through Capstone projects and Hackathons, we also provide students the opportunity to learn-by-doing on our challenge-driven learning platform, INSTRUQT.

Cloud Labs

A Challenge-driven learning platform, Instruct is a unique concept for IT-related learning in the challenge driven times of today. The program has been created to benefit both the beginner and those who are looking forward to upskilling their expertise. Instruct enables this by scaling efficiently in a cost-effective way with a fresh approach.

  • Easy to Use Platform: Access from your browser, without the hassle of downloading the software.

  • Works with any Operating System: Linux, Windows, Google Cloud, AWS, it works with all.

  • Private and easy to launch Sandbox: Explore your technologies on the go with no disruptions.

Learn Now

Career Expansion

  • According to the United States Bureau of Labour Statistics, there will be 8,53,000 open job roles for Full Stack Developers by the year 2024.

  • Full Stack Development can get you one of the highest paying jobs.

  • Full Stack Developers are getting hired at a much faster rate in 2021.

Career Path




Experiential learning

At Xebia Academy, we don’t believe in the concept of rot learning, but give our students first-hand experience of the subject they are pursuing. Our curriculum is designed in such a way that students experience what it is too work like an AI or Big Data or Full Stack professionals with assignments including Capstone Project, Hackathons, Networking Sessions with experts, Community Interaction & Blogs writing.

  • Capstone Project

    Get independent Research Projects

    Engage in debates with peers

    Avail faculty Guidance and assistance

  • Hackathons

    Get challenging Assignments

    Thrive in a Job-like environment for industry-ready development

    Get discovered by high-paying employers

  • Networking Sessions

    Interact with Experts

    Get professional-growth tips

    Learn from the gurus of the field

  • Community Interactions

    Get access to online IT community platforms

    Share knowledge through blogs and articles

    Be a part of IT discussion forums

How to become a Proficient Full-Stack Developer


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Get individual coaching reports from time to time, to help you understand your progression in the course and know areas of improvement, where you can focus more.


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In order to apply for the program, you need to meet all of the following criteria. The applicant should have:

1. Should have either passed out or is in the last year of undergraduate degree like B.Tech./B.E./B.Sc./BCA or any other degree with adequate mathematics and computation components.

Yes, the program requires you to have enough prior coding experience, we will require you to pass an aptitude and programming test on C++ to go through the program.

The admissions process is completely online and is customised as per your educational and professional profile. Following are the key steps in the application process:

Step 1: You must apply for the program on Xebia Academy or HackerEarth website. The application form will capture information related to your educational and professional experience.

Step 2: Post application, the suitability of your profile will be evaluated. You will be required to appear for a 60-minute online entrance exam to test your programming aptitude.

Step 3: Shortlisted candidates will receive a provisional Letter of Intent. Final admission offers will be granted upon payment of the full program fee and successful submission of the required documents.

Full-stack development is in huge demand. Companies need full stack developers because of several reasons. Full-stack developers can work with multiple technologies, and so, they can handle more aspects of a project than an average programmer. They cut costs for companies because they can do the work of many specialists alone. A full-stack developer is familiar with many stacks, including the MEAN stack and the LAMP stack. Their vast knowledge of multiple areas equips them to handle the unique requirements of their projects.

  • 1. Full Stack Developer
  • 2. Junior Full Stack Developer
  • 3. Full Stack Engineer
  • 4. Software Development Engineer
  • 5. Full Stack Software Engineer
  • 6. API Engineer
  • 7. Web Developer

The certification is valid for a lifetime. You do not need to renew it.

The trainers at Xebia Academy Global are Certified Programming experts with an impressive experience and a passion for teaching.

The study material provided by Xebia Academy Global is comprehensive, up-to-date, and extremely helpful in your training.

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