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Sridhar Rao Diagala

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  • A dynamic professional with 19+ years of experience Which includes Leadership Training, Agile Coaching, Scrum Master, Agile Transformation, System/Platform level DevOps & Release Management, Project Management & Business Development.
  • Experienced in Scrum, KANBAN, SAFe, Spotify, TRIZ, LEAN, Design Thinking, DASA, ‘The Phoenix Project’
  • Launched the SAFe ART’s and used Light Sync for Scaling as per need.
  • Has experience in using Spotify Model combining with Scrum/Kanaban/SAFe.
  • Worked with Leadership teams in coming up with Operating Model for Agile Transformation for whole organization
  • Trained the leadership teams in Agile practices and different behavioral skills in Agile world.
  • Conducted workshops for Leadership and othere teams using Design Thinking, Liberating Structures and other approaches to come up with Road maps
  • Trained and coached the teams in different Agile Frameworks, and hand holding them until they are up and running on their own.
  • Has experience in aligning IT, Business and Operational teams in Agile world with a customized model.
  • Experience in Transforming Organizations from Traditional Waterfall to Agile and Scaling
  • 6 years of rich onsite experience working at client premises (Finland, Europe) in different roles.
  • Involved as Agile Mentor helping Agile community

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