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Nagesh Sharma

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Nagesh is very passionate about causing change and improving business results. He has been engaged with many Large Enterprise transformations to a Lean and Agile approach, organizational dynamics, and the creation of high-performing teams

His Agile knowledge & experience, along with his coaching and training abilities, offers him the perspective needed to guide people, teams & organizations to harness Agile as a competitive advantage. Nagesh is an experienced Flight Level Guide & Flight Levels Coach, SAFe Trainer, Professional Scrum Trainer by, and Professional Kanban Trainer by

He has trained more than 7000+ people across the globe. Apart from being a Professional Trainer, Nagesh is also an Enterprise Agile Coach, Certified IL Master Executive Coach by John Mattone. ACE Certified Coach by David Peterson & David Goldsmith.

Nagesh is seasoned in applying Flight levels at strategy, end-to-end coordination, and operational levels in organizations to improve value delivery and business results.

As an artful Facilitator - Certified Management 3.0, and Path to Agility Facilitator. Nagesh is licensed to use the Everything DiSC, MLEI, STLI 360, CPI 260, AlDente, Agility Health radar, Comparative Agility & Leadership Agility Assessments.

He is an active speaker at various international conferences like Scrum Day Europe, Scrum Deutschland, Scrum Day India, Agility today, Agile NCR, Regional Scrum Gathering & track Curator for Scrum Master Podcast 2021, Agile NCR2022, and Flight Levels Day 2022.

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