2nd of September, 2022

Xebia Academy Partners With Appian

Xebia Academy Partners With Appian

This partnership will help in fulfilling the industry need and shortage of trained and certified Appian developers, administrators and other job roles.

Xebia Academy recently announced that it has become an Appian Education Partner in India. Now, Xebia Academy is authorised to conduct Appian Low-Code Platform training for enterprises, as well as college graduates. 

As an Appian Education Partner, Xebia will help speed up its clients’ digital transformation initiatives by providing custom-trained and certified Appian Developers at scale through Xebia Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) and upskilling programmes. Hire-Train-Deploy is an industry-specific service that provides customised resources ready to deploy for custom tasks or projects.

Xebia Academy has deep roots in the Higher Education space and currently maintains partnerships with more than two dozen large private universities and several institutions and colleges, producing more than 4,000 computer science graduates every year. As an Appian Education Partner, Xebia Academy will now provide essential training for careers in low-code and business process management (BPM) to its enrolled students. Students enrolled in this program will be shortlisted for job-placement after successfully achieving Appian Developer certification. All shortlisted candidates will be offered a letter of intent from the Appian partner community with assured job guarantee and Appian Developer certification post completion of the program and meeting the eligibility criteria defined for the certification. This opportunity will also be made available to the existing developers who wish to pursue their careers in the low code domain and want to be a part of an exciting journey with Appian.

“Time is of the essence for any company and low-code technology is the need of the hour. The main core of technology is innovation and invention. Low-code is empowering developers to create more and more rapidly, by moving some of the most time-consuming development tasks into simpler configurable or graphical interfaces. Keeping this in mind, Xebia academy has partnered with Appian to close the skills gap and talent-shortage by investing in creating an industry-ready workforce that is custom-trained to meet the dynamic needs of today’s organizations,” Brijesh Kohli, Director Xebia Academy, said.

Appian is the unified platform for change. Appian accelerates businesses by discovering, designing and automating their most important processes. The Appian Low-Code Platform combines the key capabilities needed to get work done faster.

“The business demand for rapid response change is driving the need for low-code development around the world,” said Pavel Zamudio, Chief Customer Officer, Appian. 

This partnership will help in fulfilling the industry need and shortage of trained and certified Appian developers, administrators and other job roles.

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