10th of August, 2022

Xebia Academy announces to launch IC Agile Certifications courses

Xebia Academy announces to launch IC Agile Certifications courses

Xebia Academy recently announced plans to start an IC Agile Certification Training Programme. According to an official statement, the programme is designed to be a 24 hour training course where candidates get to learn the roles and responsibilities of an Agile coach. The training programme is one of two Continuous Learning Certifications (CLCs), as per the academy.

“IC Agile Training is one of two Continuous Learning Certifications (CLCs). It focuses on developing an Agile mindset and training professionals to be mentors and facilitators of Agile teams,” the official statement said.

It further added that the training certified Agile coaches aims to demonstrate their knowledge in Agile methodology and values.

The ICP-ACC programme aims to help certified professionals excel at resolving conflicts. Furthermore, it also focuses on redefining the work paradigm to reflect the Agile mindset. The courses emphasises on  conquering challenges at all levels in an organisation, added the academy in an official statement. 

“The IC Agile Certified Professional oversees the entire team, mentors all individuals in Agile, and mediates when needed,” the academy said in an official statement.

As per Xebia Academy, the objective of the Agile course includes learning the Agile mindset, roles, and responsibilities; gain theoretical and practical knowledge of Agile working. The programme also aims to emphasise on  learning the key ideas behind mentoring Agile role transitions. 

Furthermore, it focuses on handling conflict, malfunctions, and organisational impediments., the institution said. According to the academy, the course structure is also designed to catalyze team performance and development. To know more about the programme, interested candidates can visit the official website of the Xebia Academy. 

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