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Why Xebia?
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Course Description

This training is an Expert level training. This means that there are requirements for participation. We assume you have some knowledge of AWS services. For example, you have built a platform using EC2 and RDS. You are familiar with components such as IAM and VPC, but Machine Learning and Serverless working are still new to you. Have you read white papers like Well-Architected Framework and Introductions of all AWS Services? Have you passed the AWS Foundation exam? Then this training is the perfect next step!

Course Features

Delivering quality as a certified AWS Training partner

Training by an AWS Accredited Trainer

Prepare yourself for core AWS exams, developer & architect level.

Access to courseware, real world examples, and extensive demo exercises .

Learn-by-doing with our real time infrastructure and challenge-driven learning platform.

Experience large set of hands-on labs; 80 + AWS services.

What will you learn

Before you start the training, you will have read the paper we have sent you so we can dive straight into AWS. During the training we will distribute 'labs'. You can work these on during the break, in the evening or after the training. We will show you short demos and work on multiple service exercises with the group. You will get to know mindmaps of important AWS services (80+) and experience a large set of hands-on labs. After the training you will be able to choose and design architectures using different domains.


You're going to work with:

  • Cloud Landing Zone: setup a secure environment with IAM, VPC, Route53, CloudWatch and CloudFormation, where you can ‘land’ all type of workloads.
  • Enterprise Migration: learn about connectivity between VPCs and on-premises, how to migrate data and services to the cloud using DMS, Snowball, Active Directory and many more tools.
  • Develop and Deploy Applications: deploy developed applications in any programming language to AWS. Think of: Java, .NET, Python, NodeJS, Go, or using Docker technology, you learn to use services like Beanstalk, Opsworks, ECS, EKS.
  • Big Data & Analytics: learn to use services like EMR, Redshift, Glue, Kinesis to build data-driven applications and data pipelines.
  • Machine Learning: use Sagemaker, Machine Learning Service, and the Machine Learning APIs for speech-to-text and text-to-speech, image recognition, transcribe and translate services, and many more which are rapidly added.
  • Serverless: use API gateway, Lambda functions and DynamoDB for the core of your API based web application. Other cloud-native services to develop and deploy applications, without worrying about servers.
  • CloudFormation: a very short format to learn all the capabilities of a product. With just a few inline comments, we also explain the why and how.

Training Program

Day-wise break-up for the day

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
  • Introduction
  • Warming up
  • Architecting & VPC
  • Cloud Formation
  • Deploying a Highly available app
  • Mass migrations
  • Beanstalk
  • ECS Fargate
  • EKS
  • Data Analytics & Pipelines
  • ML & AI
  • Sagemaker
  • Deepracer
  • Serverless
  • SAM
  • Step Functions
  • Certification Exams


AWS Champion Training is an Expert level training. So, prior AWS knowledge is required.

Virtual Classroom

Benefits of Virtual Classroom

  • Increased Convenience
  • Learn at home and get certified
  • Time-saving
  • Highly scalable

Upcoming Batches

Why Choose Xebia?

Xebia Academy Global (XAG) is a world-class training & education division of Xebia Group—empowering students & upskilling the workforce. Xebia Academy global has become a leading provider of professional certification & training solutions & maintains global training partner accreditation with over 50 globally recognised bodies such as Microsoft, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Scaled Agile, DASA, UiPath & many others in Digital Technology space worldwide. Technologists from across 100+ countries including aspirants from the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies are using Xebia’ s learning methodology to grow their career.

It’s your business. We accelerate it. As part of Xebia Group, an international boutique network of specialists at the forefront of the digital economy, we combine the best of our company's thinking and experience from the field in our training courses, unlocking tomorrow's skills and capabilities. Our specialist trainers, learning experience and flexible solutions make Xebia Academy a concept to work and live by.


Yes, as this is an expert level training, we expect participants to have at least a few years of hands-on experience with AWS past the level of AWS Practitioner.

Every participant needs to pass a self-assessment to be eligible to join.

This training prepares you for the Core Exams of AWS: Solution Architect – Associate, SysOps Administrator – Associate, Developer – Associate.

Yes, absolutely. The whole objective of this training is that you will gain hands-on experience. Tthrough carefully designed labs on the Instruqt platform you will gain practical experience with many AWS services. The labs are hands-on in a free format, where participants work from the console to complete tasks.

Prepare for each day by reading the handout before the training day starts.

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Rajni Gupta

Trainer's knowledge was very deep and clear. Able to deliver the same to us in efficient way with all practice excercises.

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Trainer was knowledgeable and well versed with topics of training. She was willing to solve all the doubts and explain the necessary topics whenever required.

Disha Chhabra

Trainer's knowledge was very deep and clear. Able to deliver the same to us in efficient way with all practice excercises.

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