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Learn a hands-on approach to Kanban.Practical usage of Kanban workflow design at your fingertips.

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The Team Kanban Practitioner Certification is a one-day basic training course that will acquaint you with the principles and practices of Kanban. You will learn to visualize work progress effortlessly, design and implement a Kanban board for your team, and understand what it means to work in a Kanban team.

The Team Kanban Practitioner Certification Online interactive course will teach you the basics of Kanban through a combination of theory, exercises, and practical examples so that you can begin its practical implementation the very next day.

Team Kanban Practitioner Certification Course will help you understand the cultural context of Kanban as a change initiative and shifts in the phenomenon.

The TKP Certification course is especially helpful in learning to organize, visualize and analyze Kanban boards so you can keep track of the work’s process and progress in an efficient manner.

Objectives of the course:

  • Learn about Kanban principles and practices.
  • Learn how to design and implement a Kanban board for your team.
  • Learn to prioritize and initiate collaboration to enhance the efficiency of services to the customers.
  • Learn how to limit Work-In-Process and analyze the Flow of Work
  • Learn about Backlog, Kanban Boards, Work in Progress, finding and removing Bottlenecks, improved cycle time and lead time, and so on.


Globally accredited certification

Get Certified SAFe® Agilist PDF certificate & Digital Badge

PDUs and SEUs

Earn 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs

Updated SAFe version

The course is based on the latest version of SAFe 5.1

Torrent of Learning Material

Get access to study material, white paper, mock exam and case studies prepared by the Agile industry experts, supporting your end-to-end SAFe® journey

SAFe Membership

Get access to one-year SAFe® Community Platform membership

Practice SAFe

Learn to how apply SAFe principles and ways in your enterprise for relentless change