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Java Microservices

This course is for the developers who are interested to learn and build Microservice based application with Java Spring

Duration: 5 Days



 At the end of training, participants will

  • Get overall understanding of Microservices concepts, architecture and patterns
  • Get understanding on Service Decomposition, Service Registry, Discovery, Communication, API Gateway, Data Management, Security, Reliability with Circuit Breakers, Load Balancing
  • Design and develop Microservices based applications with Spring Boot / Cloud and REST API
  • Understand how to monitor and manage Microservices based applications
  • Debug, troubleshoot, configure, secure, test and monitor the Microservices

Course Curriculum

Module-1: Introduction to Microservices

  • Architectural Styles Overview
  • Monolith Architecture
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Distributed Architecture
  • Twelve Factor Principles for Application Development
  • Microservice Based Architecture (MSA)
  • Microservices and API Ecosystem
  • Microservice characteristics
  • Microservice Concepts Overview
  • Benefits and limitations
  • Example with Monolith Application and Microservice s Application

Module-2: Microservice s Architecture and Design

  • Microservices Architecture
  • REST Architecture Principles
  • Inter Service Communication
  • Transaction Management
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Ball of Mud
  • Big Mud Ball to Sweet Gems
  • Monolith to Microservices Migration Strategies
  • Microservice Architecture Decisions
  • Microservice Design Patterns
    • Service Decomposition
    • Cross Cutting Concerns (Microservice Chasis, Externalized Configuration)
    • Service Discovery
    • API Gateway
    • Communication Styles (Messaging, Remote Procedure Invocation)
    • Data Management (Saga, Event Sourcing, Application Event)
    • Database Querying (API Composition, CQRS)
    • Transactional Messaging
    • UI Patterns
    • Reliability (Circuit Breaker)
    • Observability (Distributed Tracing, Log Aggregation)
    • Security
    • Testing
    • Deployment

Module-3: Microservices Implementation with Spring Boot N Cloud

  • Introduction to Spring Boot and Spring Cloud
  • Create Spring Boot app with Spring Cloud
  • Spring Boot Concepts and Features
  • Spring Cloud Concepts and Features
  • Centralized and versioned Configuration Management with Spring Cloud Config
  • Dynamic Configuration updates with Spring Cloud Bus
  • Service Discovery with Spring Cloud Netflix Eureka
  • Applying circuit breakers with Spring Cloud Netflix Hystrix
  • Load Balancing with Spring Cloud Netflix Ribbon
  • Declarative REST clients with Spring Cloud Netflix Feign
  • Working with API Gateway - Zuul
  • Inter service communication with RabbitMQ or Kafka
  • Demo / Hands-on on above concepts

Module-4: Microservices Security

  • MicroServices Security Principles
  • Access Tokens
  • OAuth 2.0 Overview
  • JWT (JSON Web Token)
  • OAuth2 integration with JWT
  • Demo / Hands-on on above concepts

Module-5: Microservices Testing

  • Testing scenarios and strategy
  • Test at Different Levels
  • Unit Testing with JUnit
  • Integration Testing with REST Assured
  • Testing Best Practice for Microservices

Module-6: Microservices Monitoring

  • Distributed Tracing with Zipkin
  • Logging & Auditing with Elasticsearch
  • Monitoring with Kibana / Grafana dashboard


  • Good knowledge on Application Development with Monolith Architecture
  • Good knowledge on Java programming and Spring Framework (Spring Core, Spring MVC/REST)
  • Knowledge on RESTful webservices and Spring REST
  • Knowledge on Database concepts and any RDBMS with SQL and connecti vity (JDBC/Hibernate/JPA)
  • Basic knowledge on Messaging concepts and any messaging system
  • Familiarity on Maven build tool and XML/JSON
  • Working experience with Java IDEs such as Eclipse or Spring Tool Suite (STS)




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