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Android and iOS App Security Testing

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This course will walk you through the process of identifying security issues on Android and iOS applications, using a wide variety of techniques including Reverse Engineering,  Static/Dynamic/Runtime and Network Analysis.

The student will expand their knowledge of how to code simple iOS and Android applications in order to build real-world POCs and exploits. These skills will be necessary to understand mobile application security fully

Course Curriculum

    • Module 1: Android Architecture
    • Module 2: Setting up a Test Environment
    • Module 3: Android Build Process
    • Module 4: Reversing APKs
    • Module 5: Device Rooting
    • Module 6: Android Application Fundamentals
    • Module 7: Network Traffic
    • Module 8: Device and Data Security
    • Module 9: Tapjacking
    • Module 10: Static Code Analysis
    • Module 11: Dynamic Code Analysis
    • Module 1: iOS Architecture
    • Module 2: Device Jailbreaking
    • Module 3: Setting up a Testing Environment
    • Module 4: iOS Building Process
    • Module 5: Reversing iOS Apps
    • Module 6: iOS Application Fundamentals
    • Module 7: iOS Testing Fundamentals
    • Module 8: Network Traffic
    • Module 9: Device Administrator
    • Module 10: Dynamic Analysis


Penetration Testers and IT security professional and Mobile App developers who want to know more about security mechanisms and features implemented in mobile OSs such as Android and iOS.


MASPT (Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing) Certification, that proves that you know Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing in practice


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