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Digital Ninja

The Digital Ninja program will educate the engineering, non-engineering students, and professionals with in-demand IT skills

What is Digital Ninja?

Being an Agile Software Development Company with specialization in Digital Transformation, we persistently explore and delve into new frontiers of technology; technologies that are responsible for changing the world. We are constantly expanding our understanding of frameworks and approaches that could shape an organizational culture for better, enhance productivity, foster collaboration in the teams and mitigate business challenges.

Xebia Academy Global introduces a radical and disruptive new program called DigiTal Ninja. This is a course which equips both engineering and non-engineering students with all the requisite latest cutting-edge IT knowledge after completion of graduation and will enable the candidate to create an outstanding IT career. The course is designed to take care of the curriculum on latest tools and technology currently in demand of the IT industry as they want to hire new employees which are ready for “Deployment”.

The program includes DevOps, BigData, Full Stack Development, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Cloud Computing, IT Automation and Testing.

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The technology ecosystem is evolving fast and the key to remain updated is to learn and explore the latest and existing technologies. Companies are looking for developers who are familiar with all facets of development stack. The focus is on those who knows handful of latest avaScript frameworks, deployment techniques & echnologies and a couple of database systems. This module will teach all stacks of the development for developing an application from start to finish.


Agile Process & Development Practices will be covered using Scrum and Kanban methodologies. Candidates will be exposed and trained on Agile way of Software Development with right Software Craftsmanship skills like TDD, BDD, Clean Coding. UX with Design Thinking along with intro to Lean Startup method will be taught to initiate studentsinto concept of product innovation and idea of Product Owner role.


Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice which helps in early detection of problems, improve quality and automates the entire process. Thereby, helping you in smooth running of business. The course teaches you the right process and tools to implement Continuous Integration. Continuous delivery (CD) is a natural extension to CI and helps organizations become lean, agile and innovative as start ups. CD practices allows programmers to develop software which can be continuously adapted to user feedbacks, market shift and change in business strategy. CD allows Test, Support, Development and Operations to work together as one delivery team to automate Build, Test & release process.


Cloud computing is transforming modern businesses in a radical way therefore it is a key part of Digital Transformation Strategy for most of the companies. IT Automation refers to non-manual way of accomplishing an IT task. Instead of using mechanisms and robots, we use scripts, programs, jobs, and various other means of achieving automation in IT. It can be applied in creating new infrastructure, modifying existing infrastructure, operating IT infrastructure, reporting, gathering metrics, releasing code, deploying code, etc. Budding digital programmers must be hands on with Cloud computing and IT automation aspects.


Mobile, Analytics and Cloud therefore Digital Quality Assurance focuses on all these aspects. This module will provide practical exposure to implement Test Pyramid which includes Unit Testing, Integration Testing and UI Testing. Students will gain expertise to test applications on multiple Browsers, mobile platforms etc. Students will also test applications built on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Micro-services.


Students will gain theoretical and hands-on knowledge to tame gigantic, noisy and heterogeneous datasets using Hadoopand Spark Frameworks. The students will develop end to end Big Data Pipeline using Ingestion, Storage, Processing andAnalysis related tools. The focus of this module will be on forming strong foundation in Distributed Storage and Computingoncepts. The students will write Batch jobs as well as interactive queries for gaining valuable insights in Structured, Semi-structured and unstructured data. An introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality will also be provided.

Why Choose Xebia

Closing Skill Gaps

A wide array of courses ranging from Data Analysis, Cloud Computing, Agile frameworks, Cybersecurity to Microsoft help you build the integrates skills.

Best Trainers in the industry

Our trainers are amongst the best trainers from the industry and we work in close collaboration with pioneers and experts in their respective fields.

Hands-on and practical learning experience

Get practical experience by working and resolving the real-world problems. Our Coaches and Trainers are hands-on practitioners in technical and agile environment and impart training in interactive mode.

Stay Competitive

Our Programs help push individuals forward on key competencies they need to have to stay competitive.

Get Insights on latest technology trends

Get access to white paper, articles, case studies and blogs from our technologists and subject matter experts on latest and upcoming technologies.

Courseware Soft and Online Copies

Get the best quality and relevant training course material for your reference. At the end of the training we will share course material hard copies, books, exercise material. You can also download the soft copies from our online platform.

Overview of Digital Ninja

What will you learn Duration Technology you will use What you can become
Responsive Application Multi-tier Java Enterprise Application which will interact with Relational and NoSQL Databases. 16 Days Full Stack Developer, Software Engineer, Software Developer, Software Architect, Software Specialist, Solution Architect, Web Developer, Front end Developer, Back end Developer
IT Automation of day to day mundane tasks, Cloud Deployment 5 Days DevOps Engineer,Cloud Administrator
Hadoop Distributed File System Commands, Sqoop jobs, Hive and Impala queries, Spark Application 4 Days Big Data Analyst,Big Data Developer,Big Data Engineer
Testing Strategy, Test Plans, Test Scenarios, Test Suite, Test Automation Framework (Including Web, Mobile, Service Oriented Architecture, Scripts etc.) Feature Files using Cucumber for Behavior Driven Development. 11 Days Agile Test Engineer,Test Automation Engineer,Behavior Driven Developer
Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment Tools and Process, Automated Code Review Tool, Coding Best Practices, End to end Delivery Pipeline 2 Days Automation Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Release Engineer,DevOps Manager, DevOps Specialist, DevOps Architect
Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment Tools and Process, Automated Code Review Tool, Coding Best Practices, End to end Delivery Pipeline 7 Days Product Owner, Scrum Master

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