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DevOps Engineering

DevOps Engineering training class is loaded with practical real-world tools and techniques.

Duration: 5 Days



      At the end of training, participants will

  • Leverage the fundamentals of Git so they can effectively share, collaborate, backup, and version any code.  
  • Use Configuration Management to spin up dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of servers and get exactly what is desired from each one, every time.
  • Apply Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment.

Course Curriculum

  • GIT Introduction & Installation
  • GIT Quick Start
  • Text Editor for GIT **Installation**
  • Version Control System GIT & GITHUB
  • GIT with GITHUB **Advance**
  • GIT Basics **Through Explanation**
  • Comparisons in GIT
  • Branching & Merging in GIT
  • GIT Rebase
  • GIT Stashing
  • GIT Tagging
  • GIT Common Mistakes and Fixes
  • Jenkins Section Introduction
  • Jenkins Getting Started | Get Jenkins Ready
  • Continuous Integration with Jenkins
  • Continuous Delivery with Jenkins
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Jenkins Job DSL
  • Jenkins as a Code Pipeline (DSL)
  • Distributed Builds in Jenkins
  • Docker Setup and Installation
  • Parameterize Jenkins Jobs
  • Jenkins Security Aspects
  • Creating Docker Containers : Start Like a Beginner
  • Use Docker Containers : Advance
  • Docker Networking
  • Docker Container Images : Beginning
  • Docker Container Images : Build Images
  • Docker Containers : Manage Data
  • Docker Compose : Multi Container Tool
  • Docker Swarm Introduction: Swarm Orchestration
  • Docker Swarm Features and Applications
  • Docker Swarm Stack Deployment : Multi Service Deployment
  • Docker Swarm Secrets Management : Protect Sensitive Data
  • Docker Swarm Service Management
  • Get Started with Kubernetes
  • Setting-Up Kubernetes on local
  • SetUp Kubernetes on AWS Cloud
  • SetUp Kubernetes on Google Cloud
  • Basics of Kubernetes
  • Basics of Kubernetes Part II
  • Kubernetes Advance Part I
  • Kubernetes Advance Part II
  • Kubernetes Advance Part III
  • Kubernetes Advance Part IV
  • Kubernetes Administration Part I
  • Kubernetes Administration Part II
  • Package & Deploy on Kubernetes : HELM
  • Serverless Functions on Kubernetes
  • Micro Services in Kubernetes


  • Understanding the purpose of infrastructure servers, such as web servers, load balancers and database servers
  • Familiarity with scripting of any kind
  • Experience with working at the command line of either Unix, Linux or Windows PowerShell
  • Experience with a text editor of any kind




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