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Why is Python Popular for AI and Machine Learning?

Machine learning and AI are the new “it factors” in the IT industry and everyone from Tesla to Google is using them. While previous generations could only imagine a day where there would be self-driven cars or smartphones forecasting the weather, these are a reality today. And all of this is because of AI and Machine Learning. To list a few:

  • Apple developed Siri with the use of AI
  • Volkswagen is using AI and machine learning to develop self-driven cars.
  • Microsoft used AI to create its personal productivity assistant Cortana.
  • Facebook leverages AI for everything from maps to the detection of fake accounts

The common factor between all the companies adapting to these is that they all use one programming language in particular, Python.

So, why is Python popular for AI and Machine Learning?

Python is commonly used for the development of software and websites, data analysis, data visualization, interacting with clouds, interacting with DevOps Tools, Task Automation & much more. It is a versatile programming language & specifically the support that it provides for Artificial Intelligence & its sub-categories is through its libraries. A few of the widely used libraries are:

  • “Scikit-learn” for Machine learning
  • “OpenCV, Face_recognition” for Computer Vision
  • “TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch” for Deep Learning
  • “NLTK, Spacy” for Natural Language Processing
  • “Tensorflow_Hub” for Transfer Learning
  • “Matplotlib, Seaborn” for Data Visualization
  • “Pandas” for Data Processing

AI and Machine Learning are the reason we have search engines, spam filters, fraud detection systems, personal assistants, and more. They have improved user experience exponentially and created value in many different industries. Python is well-suited for all of this and any other developments to come as well.

Top reasons that make Python the most popular programming language:

1. Flexibility:

Python is a very flexible programming language that can easily be used along with any other programming language. This allows developers a lot more room to work with so they can achieve their desired results. Python also offers the option between scripting and OOPs. It is easy for the developer to view results since no recompilation of source code is required. All of this reduces the occurrence of mistakes and gives the developer a safer environment to work in. It even provides the capability of higher order functions that acts as an added advantage when it comes to professional coding. Python is also known as a functional programming language because of its support of Higher Order Functions.

2. Easy to learn:

The modern world needs more developers, and this is possible with an easy-to-master programming language like Python. The entry barrier is very low, and it allows more people to get involved in Machine Learning. The simple phrase structure makes programmers more confident even when they must work on complex projects. One can simply upskill by taking an artificial intelligence online course these days and open a world of opportunity in almost any industry.

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3. Platform independent:

Python can run on any kind of platform and is very versatile. Once the developer writes the code, it can be compiled to work on any OS from Windows and Linux to Unix or MacOS. Some companies use their machines for training their machine learning models so Python can be a much cheaper option for them to use. Python is easier to work with compared to other programming languages if the coder decides to shift from one platform to another. This saves them a lot of time and money since they don’t have to test the code on each platform differently. The overall process is made a lot more convenient with Python’s platform-independent characteristic.

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4. Great library ecosystem:

A library is made of routines and functions for a programming language to use. This allows the coder to perform various actions with the same functionality. One of the main reasons coders like working with Python is that it has access to a lot of libraries. It saves them time since they won’t have to constantly rewrite code lines. These libraries are very useful for machine learning, advanced computing, data analysis, and deep learning. Some of the libraries Python gives access to include are:

5. Simple and consistent:

Python has readable and concise code that makes it simple for developers to work with. Machine learning algorithms can be quite complex but with Python, developers can write code easily. They don’t have to focus on the technical nuances and can instead work on solving the machine learning problem. Python is considered more intuitive compared to other programming languages and this makes it simpler to implement. It is also convenient when multiple developers must work together. It is easy to read and eliminates conflicting paradigms and confusion, thus increasing the eciency of exchanges between the professionals working together.

6. Good community and popularity:

Reports state that Python is amongst the top 5 programming languages preferred by developers. It is the #1 language preferred by AI and machine learning professionals. The Python community has grown immensely all over the world and there are a lot of forums for developers to actively exchange their ideas or seek guidance. It is a free programming language, it has many tools and libraries and the documentation is easily accessed online as well. Python is extremely reliable and is used by some of the biggest companies that only go to prove its worth. Pixar uses Python for producing its movies while Spotify recommends music with it.


Python is being used in some of the most exciting innovations in technology right now. Everything from the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning to robotics utilizes this programming language. This is why it is the most popular and best skill to learn for anyone in these fields. It can easily be picked up by a newbie or a professional and the growing popularity makes one a more competent recruit for companies as well. To become a part of this growing community, you can take an artificial intelligence online course and learn machine learning in depth with Xebia Academy Global today. Explore the program and learn with industry experts in an exclusive environment.

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