best Hadoop certification providers in Delhi NCR
best Hadoop certification providers in Delhi NCR

What is Hadoop Certification? Overview and Career Path it Provides

Hadoop is an open source framework which is used for managing data storage and processing of big data clusters. The term Big Data refers to massive amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Hadoop is a part of Big Data technologies used for advanced analytic programs, predictive technologies, machine learning applications and data mining. It is also known as Apache Hadoop and is developed by Apache Software Foundation. The commercial users of Hadoop include big data platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR technologies. The cloud-based services of software giants like Google and Microsoft also utilize Hadoop and related big data technologies.

A Hadoop certification enables you to become a qualified big data expert. Passing the Hadoop certification exam is demanding, as it requires in-depth knowledge of Big Data Analytics and Hadoop implementation, management and control. Currently, there is a huge shortage of Hadoop certified software engineers in the IT industry. This has created a high demand for Hadoop experts and led to comparatively high salary structures for Hadoop developers and Administrators.

Hadoop Certification Providers

Cloudera and Hortonworks are the two biggest Hadoop certification providers. In India, Cloudera provides big data training in collaboration with the Xebia Academy Global. It is one of the best Hadoop certification providers in Delhi NCR. A Hadoop certification from Cloudera can increase your job prospects significantly as it puts a stamp of approval on your resume.

Career Opportunities provided by Hadoop Certification

On an average, a Hadoop certification will earn you Rs. 3 lakhs per annum more than your peers in the software development industry.

Software Developers and Architects: Big data software architects ensure that there is a coherence in all aspects of the project and it works as an integrated system. Software architects provide authority and leadership to the team of software developers who implement big data projects.

Data Management Professionals: The job of a Hadoop certified data management professional entails sorting and organization of data forms and materials flowing into a data bank. Good quality data management enables high-end analytics and hence more effective use of big data.

Data Scientists: The job requires high-level analytics and reasoning skills to sift through big data reports and come to meaningful project strategies. Data scientists are often employed by data research centers and data warehousing facilities. Data scientist posts are ranked among the top 50 jobs in America.

Business Intelligence: It comprises the strategies and technologies deployed by businesses to effectively implement the organizational goals in prevailing market conditions. Business intelligence relies on in-house strategies developed by analytics professionals and real-world experiences. It is a complex but high-paying job for Hadoop certified individuals.

Project Managers: As the name itself specifies, Hadoop certified project managers are tasked with deployment and overseeing of all strategies, tasks and goals. It is another one of the high-income jobs offered by Hadoop big data certification.

If you are an IT professional, join a Hadoop certification program today. It will not only enhance your immediate job opportunities, it will also provide a stable career due to the evolving nature of big data sciences. To know more, contact us at enquiretraining@xebia.com.

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