Want to lead an enterprise agile transformation @SCALE? SAFe Program Consultant Training is the right thing for you.

Being a certified SAFe Program Consultant, you are capable of coaching organizations to adopt Agile with Scaled Agile Framework. If you have a Lean-Agile mindset, then this program will further enhance your knowledge in agile programs, program portfolio management, agile architecture and leadership.

Targeted for consultants, agile change agents and leaders, the SPC program intends to develop skills to lead an enterprise agile transformation.

The 4-day course focuses on implementation of SAFe principles and tools necessary to scale agile from the team to the enterprise level.

One of the key benefits of this certification is that you are eligible to teach various SAFe courses and coach Agile Release Trains. And, you have the opportunity to navigate the companies in the right direction who have adopted SAFe or are planning to adopt the SAFe route, helping them in implementation and deployment.

To know further about the SPC program, here is the link



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