Top 5 Big Data Courses for Developers to Learn in 2018
Top 5 Big Data Courses for Developers to Learn in 2018

Top 5 Big Data Courses for Developers to Learn in 2018

The Indian IT scene is witnessing a slowdown in the last few quarters. Job cuts are happening partly due to IT majors downsizing and partly due to a shift in the US outsourcing policies. In this scenario, enhancing your IT skills is the only way forward to remain competitive.
Automation and Big Data are some of the best skills for IT employees. Java developers can benefit by learning big data training technologies like Apache Spark. Here is some of the top five Big Data online course in India.

Cloudera Developer for Apache Spark

Spark allows developers to write sophisticated parallel applications which are faster and better at real-time actions and have a wide usage scenario encompassing several use cases, architectures, and industries. The training is provided in the form of instructor-led discussions and interactive hands-on exercises.

The 3-day Cloudera Developer for Apache Spark is offered by Xebia University for software developers or engineers who have a basic understanding of Linux ecosystem.

Cloudera Developer for Apache Hadoop

The training explains the key concepts and expertise needed to create robust data processing applications using Apache Hadoop. The Cloudera course prepares Hadoop developers for real world challenges faced while working with APIs and writing MapReduce code. The training also explains how to work with Apache Hive and Pig.

The 4-day Cloudera Developer for Apache Hadoop is a certified course by Xebia University. Our classes emphasize on the importance of developer focused hands-on trainings.

Cloudera Administrator Training for Apache Hadoop

The Big Data hadoop training imparts a comprehensive understanding of the steps necessary for operation and maintenance of Hadoop cluster using Cloudera Manager. This Cloudera manager course is one of the best available in India for understanding Hadoop clusters, the internals of Yarn, MapReduce, Spark and HDFS, the correct hardware configurations and troubleshooting the systems.

The course provides an ideal career progression for System Admins and IT managers with basic experience in Linux. You can also register for the CCA 131 Administrator exam after completing the course.

Cloudera Data Analyst Training

The four-day course will help you implement Apache Hive and Pig and Cloudera Impala in tandem with traditional data analytics and business intelligence skills. Learn to analyse complex data sets using SQL and similar scripting languages to become a leader in Apache Hadoop-based software and services. The cloudera data analyst training course doesn’t require prior knowledge of Java and Apache Hadoop.

Cloudera Developer Training for Spark and Hadoop

Learn the key concepts needed to process data on a Hadoop Cluster using the latest tools and techniques. This is one of the most comprehensive Big Data hadoop online training programs that help you in employing Hadoop ecosystem projects like Spark, Hive, Flume, Sqoop and Impala. The training is provided in a hands-on format and through instructor-led interactive discussions to ensure maximum skill delivery.

Xebia Academy Global is one of the best online Big Data institutes in India. If you are looking for Big Data courses to enhance your IT skills, Xebia University provides certified Big Data Training and Apache Spark Courses.

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