The Fixed-Date Plan in Agile: How much can you commit?


When it comes to delivering software, the first thing your customer seek is the target date by which your team can provide the deliverables. Then, your team is asked how much can be delivered by the deadline.

Today we are working in a fast paced environment where technology and innovation plays a vital role. To deal with such vibrant changes, Agile stands as the best-suited methodology.

Although Agile doesn’t recommend a fixed date plan, yet we may come across certain projects where we need to commit some fixed dates or there we could face tight timelines.

While organizations are trying to move from the waterfall methodologies to Agile, some are wary about this transition. Organizations worry if Agile can truly be applied to fixed date projects.

So, here are a few points on how to proceed in such situations?

  • Prioritize the needs

Quality can’t be compromised due to fixed specifications and fixed timeline. Sometimes, the team realizes that there are certain deliverables which may need more time to resolve in the current sprint. The team is pressurized to meet the requirements by the end date which may lead to either the quality getting compromised or extending the target date. And, that is not acceptable for the client.

That’s why the sprint goal and deliverable must be well prioritized and clear at the beginning of each sprint.

  • Convey your deliverables for the target date

Our focus should be on delivering the MVP (minimum viable product). This shows the minimum set of features enough to be deployed and the actual value to the client for the target date.

  • Raise the alarm early

The teams should raise the impediments and blockers as soon as they encounter them during the sprint.


Fixed Date projects could be a win-win situation if there is a full collaboration with the client, and his presence is available in all the required ceremonies. Most importantly, the team must be motivated enough to perform their best.


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