Simple ways of becoming a Cloudera Certified Professional

Once you establish yourself as a Cloudera Certified Professional, it can be a turning point in your career. How? With this certification, you simply stand as a valuable asset to those companies working in Hadoop or Data Science. Basically, you become efficient in processing, analyzing and visualizing the complex data sets and this certification helps in demonstrating your capability and skills.

Since this certification is quite demanding and rigorous, simply taking a few hours or days course wouldn’t be much helpful in clearing this certification exam. So, what are the simple ways we can choose in becoming a Cloudera Certified Professional?

You must have an in-depth knowledge of data science and the subjects under its spectrum.

You must have the understanding and experience in handling complex problems and big data tools.

A certain level of proficiency in Machine learning is definitely a positive sign while you want to pursue the certification exam.

Cloudera provides resources for preparation and practice. Proving your ability through problem-solving skills and deep analytical skills. Because Cloudera’s certification program is so extensive and covers all the concepts, passing the exam would give an edge to your credentials and capabilities. You can certainly grab the attention of the employers who are seeking the right individuals. With some amount of experience in Data Science or Hadoop along with a certification from Cloudera can be a boon to your career.

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