Scaled Agile Framework in large scale organizations

Scrum has been one of the popular frameworks when it comes to Agile implementation at team level. In the past few years, organisations have become bigger and more complex. The challenge is “how does agile scale up across the organisation?” How is agile implemented in large distributed organisations? How to establish collaboration across multiple teams, programs and portfolios? How to improve efficiency, productivity and reduce time to market for a business to make it competitive?

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) which is based on Lean is the right and widely used framework to address these issues. It takes into account the Agile principles, Lean and Systems thinking, product development, etc. SAFe’s principles are a cumulative effect of proven practices, value oriented methods for scaling up Agile at an enterprise level. It is designed in a way that addresses three levels in an organization: Portfolio, Program and Team.

In a nutshell, the reasons why SAFe should be considered when it comes to adopting Agile at an enterprise level include:

  • Enables collaboration among teams aiming towards a focused delivery and collaboration between the management and development teams.
  • Allows large scale organizations to adopt Agile in a structured way.
  • Ensures best practices for faster time to market, quality, productivity and team engagement.


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