How To Pass SAFe Agilist Certification Exam

Traditionally, Agile had been used for teams on a smaller scale basis. However, recently, more large-scale approaches have evolved as well. The Scaled Agile Framework or SAFe is currently the most popularly used Agile framework for industries because it is customizable, trustworthy and sustainable. Development teams are able to tackle all the challenges of coordinating with several teams, programs and processes using this framework.

A variety of certifications are available from the SAFe Agilist certification to the SAFe scrum master certification and these are a must have for any project manager or agilist in the current work environment. It is important to choose the best scrum master certification to learn the fundamentals of Agile. The SAFe Agilist certification is a globally recognized certification that is the most popularly used approach for leading Agile projects of a large scale.

Here is how you can pass the SAFe Agilist Certification Exam:

Attend the SAFe Agilist certification training:

The two day intensive course is crucial for gaining exposure and learning all the fundamentals for leading Agile projects. It is mandatory to attend the classes since they provide access to the study materials and the certification exam.

Get familiar with the exam:

If you want to pass the exam, you have to be familiar with the exam. Understand the style of the exam along with the total number of questions and the time limit for completing the exam. You need to know the rules and the passing score of the exam. Almost all the information is provided in the training or the Scaled Agile pages. The exam duration is usually 90 minutes with 45 questions in multiple choice or multiple select format.

Learn about the exam content:

For the SAFe Agilist certification or to be a SAFe scrum master, you need to show that you can perform the role of a Product Manager or Product Owner successfully in a SAFe environment. The bar is quite high but gaining the certification is well worth your effort. Simply attending the training course will not be enough to pass the exam.

Study all the materials thoroughly:

The SAFe study materials need to be read and understood thoroughly. The Scale Agile Framework website provides most of the suggested reading material. Get familiar with all the topics that are not your strong point yet. Review all the slides and notes you take after your classes.

The study materials include:

  • A workbook covering the theory of SAFe and how to practice it.
  • A study guide that has an overview of the study areas from which the exam has questions.
  • The practice test that can be taken an unlimited number of times while preparing for the exam.
  • Sample questions for preparation.

Gain more knowledge:

If you have prior experience with Agile or Scrum, it can be very advantageous. You could also choose to take the best SAFe scrum master program to become SAFe scrum master. The knowledge would help you gain experience and learn to work better in large teams. This is essential for being able to pass the SAFe agilist certification exam. Spend more time on concepts such as the Lean-Agile mindset and SAFe principles.

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Take the practice exam:

Target all your weaknesses so you can perform well on the actual exam. The best way to do this is by taking the practice test. The practice tests should be treated as assessment tools and not as a blueprint for the real exam since the latter will be different. Focus on all the concepts covered and clarify any content that you find yourself getting wrong on the practice test.

Take the actual exam:

Once you have completed the training and prepared well, you just have to sit for the actual SAFe Agilist certification exam. Take the test within the given deadline and make sure that you are in an exam friendly setting that will allow you to completely focus on the task at hand. Check that your internet connection and device will work without a glitch. Keep track of the time with the countdown clock that appears at the top of your screen during the exam. Read all the questions thoroughly and do a complete review before you submit the test for evaluation.

Tips for the exam:

  • Be calm. Don’t let exam anxiety affect you. Preparing thoroughly for the exam will give you confidence and be of significant help. The worst case scenario is having to retake the test so stay calm and do your best.
  • Eliminate the wrong answers first. Eliminate the options that you are sure will be the wrong answer. Then focus on choosing the right answer. The process of elimination can be very helpful in improving your chances when dealing with a question you are unsure of.
  • Give the test soon. Don’t wait too long to sit for the exam since it can cause a build-up of stress. Instead you can sit for the test when you are already in the right state of mind and all the training is still fresh in your memory. Sitting for the test within two weeks from taking the course is ideal.
  • Use flash cards. Flash cards can be made or bought and are a great memorization tool that will help. The act of writing and preparing the cards itself will help you remember a lot of the information.
  • Focus on your weakness. Once you master certain areas, focus more on the ones you are weak in. Use the practice exam to note which topics you need to brush up on.
  • Memorize the SAFe glossary that is available on the website.

Last Words:

Utilize the tips given here and prepare to successfully gain the SAFe agilist certification for a career boost.

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