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How Cloudera Data Science Training Increases your Employability

If you look around, Big Data is everywhere. Data scientists are helping researchers in discovering cures for diseases, helping financial institutions in fighting frauds and enabling the security forces to analyze, understand and prevent threats to public safety.

Most people think that to become a data scientist you need to have an Apache Hadoop Certification and a large pile of data to feed the system. Well, it is slightly more complicated than that. Learning Apache Hadoop will only take you so far as a certificate if you don’t know what you are looking for in that big pile of data. Cloudera Data Science training not only help you to understand the basics of big data hardware and software, but also teaches you the skill necessary to identify relevant data sets and understand their implementation for the greater good.

Data Science in a nutshell

Like all other scientific principles, the results of data science are also based on a hypothesis, which is supported by data evidence.

Data science includes:

  • Generating a hypothesis through perspective on a massive data set.
  • Careful modelling of data to reverse engineer the data to see if the hypothesis correlates.
  • Turning the proven hypothesis into a product that will benefit the organization.

These steps may look simple, but they are difficult in real-world implementation. A data scientist needs both technical and behavioral skills to become successful. That is the reason why there is a huge shortage of employable data scientists in the world right now. Another problem faced by the big data analytics industry is the lack of accredited institutions for data science training. This makes difficult for organizations to verify the capabilities of data scientists they are hiring. Furthermore, software developers aspiring for big data certification are also in a fix since they don’t know where to get big data certification.

Official Cloudera Data Sciences Certification

Cloudera’s three day introduction to data science course is one of the few global initiatives that is recognized as an authentic base to start. If you are looking for a Cloudera certified big data course in India then you can apply for the same with Xebia Academy. Xebia is a certified Cloudera partner and offers big data and data sciences training online in India.

Data sciences are the next big thing in IT and Automation. Learning about them will help you acquire a niche in the industry and help you earn well above your peers. For example, a data scientist in the US earns more than $300,000 per year. So get your formal big data certification now by joining data science training course from Cloudera.

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