Have you updated your SAFe roles? If not, think SAFe 4.5

To accelerate innovation, growth and business, companies are looking for ways to scale agile at an enterprise level. Today, agile at a team-level alone wouldn’t suffice when it comes meeting business needs and faster time to market. That’s why it is important to scale agile across the organization. And, Scaled Agile Framework is one of the best frameworks to help enterprises in Agile adoption.

Now, Scaled Agile Framework has its latest version released SAFe 4.5. The latest version has introduced few, but important changes supporting both software and systems development.

SAFe 4.5 has brought in:

  • Value Stream Level and new roles like the Value Stream Engineer, Solution Management, Solution Architect/ Engineer
  • The new version can now be expanded to four levels. While 3-level SAFe is lighter and meant for smaller value streams, the 4-level SAFe aims at handling large projects and complex system architecture.
  • Enterprise Kanban system to manage workflow across the entire framework.
  • Built-in-quality practices that supports software and systems development.

If you are still thinking whether you should upgrade SAFe to the latest version. The answer is an absolute Yes.

Xebia is conducting the Leading SAFe 4.0 training, a 2-day course which will teach you the Lean-Agile principles and practices of the Scaled Agile Framework. On completion of this course, you will know how to apply SAFe to scale Lean and Agile development in your enterprise, coordinate large value streams, how to configure the framework of your context and support the execution of Agile Release Trains.

To know more about this training, visit http://training.xebia.in/scaled-agile-framework-safe/leading-safe-4/


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