Building a great DevOps team

With a shift towards the Agile methodology of software development, the way products are built and shipped have changed. Today, organizations are competitive in terms of quality and faster time to market. Continuous deployment and continuous integration have become an integral part of the process. Earlier, the development team and operations team used to work in silos, oblivious and unconcerned with each other’s roles. Organizations are now breaking down the wall between these two teams opening a way for collaboration and communication between them. This entire way of working in collaboration between the software development team and the operations team while automating the infrastructure is part of the practice or culture known as Safe Devops Certification.

To build a great DevOps team, organizations need people who can thrive in a DevOps culture. Here are few things that can be considered while building a solid Devops team:

1.   Cross-functional skills are valued

A polymath is always valued. He is a person who has knowledge and expertise in a wide range of subjects. Likewise, if a certain software developer not only understands about development, but also shows a clear understanding of the infrastructure side, then he is an ideal team member.

Cross-functional skills are highly valuable in a DevOps environment.

Usually, a software developer only knows how to code and doesn’t concern himself with the infrastructure side, whereas a system admin doesn’t bother much with coding.

A person who knows coding and has some experience with infrastructure can be a valuable part of a DevOps team.

2.   Enhance the job description

A DevOps Engineer Course who is fluent with languages like Python, Ruby, Java and possesses an experience with infrastructure tools like Chef, Ansible, Puppet.

Someone who can debug the databases, one who is not only responsible for coding, but testing, deployment and monitoring as well. All these can be considered as important points of the job description of a DevOps candidate.

3.   A good communicator

A good DevOps team not only can operate across development platforms, tools and databases, they are required to be good communicators.

People who don’t simply articulate the problems, but try to find out solutions in a collaborative manner makes a great DevOps team.

An efficient DevOps team can be definitely invaluable to your organization. To help your organization do away with functional silos, optimize the way you develop your software and help build and ship faster.

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