Data Analysts drive the business growth of your organization

A Data Analyst is someone who plays with lots of numbers, charts and figures in his day-to-day life and not simply stare at the screen incessantly. He collects, manipulates and analyzes the data.

He is creative and curious. Creative because he can build stories out of data and curious because he loves digging into problems and finding out solutions to these complex problems.

Most importantly, he doesn’t give up easily on complicated problems.

He has an impassioned approach to solving challenging questions he encounters. Of all, a good Data Analyst knows how to put together science and creativity. How? By way of producing valuable information and narrating that analysis in a way easily understood by decision makers or stakeholders.

The role of a Data Analyst would vary with each organization and the kind of data he is working with – healthcare, banking, retail, social, energy, etc.

From obtaining data to cleaning, exploring, modeling, and interpreting the data, the role of a Data Analyst is broad. Producing reports, dashboards, setting up infrastructure or collaborating with different teams, all these are part of a Data Analyst’s daily work life.

Ultimately, a Data Analyst plays a vital role in driving business growth of their organization. They are indispensable because of their capability to analyze patterns and provide incredible insights into the data they collect. Over the time, these people can identify significant trends. Thus, helping their organization take educated decisions.

Why become a Data Analyst?

Data Analytics is penetrating into every aspect of our lives, empowering us (Data Analysts) with the ability to harness the power of data to solve problems, make data-driven decisions. The way data are generated at an unparalleled volume and speed, or rather exploding, the real-time big data analytics are going to transform businesses and significantly improve productivity.

Besides being a lucrative and highly sought after job, if solving logical problems and crunching data interests you or you have a knack for research and storytelling, then Data Analyst job could be right up your alley.

In the coming years, Data Science is going to have ubiquitous presence — be it travel, government, shipping, aviation or telecom industry. Enterprises will rely immensely on analytics to generate powerful insights and apply it to solve business problems.

Market forecast for Big Data (Image source: wikibon)

Here is an interesting infographic below:

Image Source: wikibon


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