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AWS Solution Architect Certification

Cloud computing is one of the most sought after career domains today. This is especially true in today’s pandemic times when Cloud has become detrimental to the business continuity of various industries. From supporting online education to facilitating the new normal, that is ‘work from home’, cloud has indisputably emerged as the ‘hero’ of the pandemic. So, it comes as no surprise to anyone that demand for cloud services are at all time high now, which in turn has parallely given rise to the demand for skilled talent in the field.Regardless to say, young graduates and IT professionals should seriously consider upskilling in this field to land a lucrative cloud role such as an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate.
Certifications are one main way of doing that. One such body that offers several invaluable certifications that job aspirants should definitely add to their to-do list is Amazon Web Services (AWS certified training), one of the major key players in the cloud industry.

In this article, we will explore one of their most sought-after certifications, AWS Architect Training. Before we get into that let us first understand why certifications are important.

What is the need for Cloud Certifications?

  • Cloud certifications help
  • Young graduates and new aspirants to stand out from other cloud aspirants
  • Cloud professionals to validate their technical expertise by measuring their skills against industry benchmarks
  • Both young graduates and cloud professionals to show their commitment to their cloud career
  • Cloud professionals to get a significant hike or bonus
  • Cloud professionals to get better roles and projects in their organization

Now, Why AWS?

Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of Amazon Inc is a platform that offers on-demand cloud computing resources for personal, professional and government use.

Some of the key reasons for getting AWS certified training are:

  • It is economical compared to most cloud computing certifications
  • AWS Solution Architect Associate earn more than the average cloud professional
  • Has the highest growth as compared to their 14 competitors in the cloud industry
  • Easy way to enter AWS’s highly prestigious worldwide community

Looking Into AWS Solution Architect Professional Certification

A professional AWS Solution Architect is one who has high technical skills and experience in designing AWS applications. This is one of the most difficult IT certifications today, and is the reason why there are many who are certified as foundational and associate level certifications, but few certified as professionals.

The main focus of this certification is to measure deep knowledge of AWS and experience of using different AWS services together.

Let’s now have a look into the structure of the certification exam (SAP-C01).

The exam has
75 multiple choice or multiple response questions.
Candidates has to complete it in 180 minutes
Obtain a minimum of 75% to get certified
It costs 300 UD

Two years of hands on experience in design and deployment of cloud architecture on AWS
Those who have passed the AWS Solution Architect Associate Certification (not compulsory)

Some of the key topics covered in this certification are:

Understanding cost optimization strategies
Migrating complex applications to AWS
Choosing the right AWS service for an application’s needs
Using best practices to design applications on AWS

How to prepare for the certification?

Take up the other AWS Solution Architect Course Online

These are the basic ones that will help you to prepare for the professional certification. It is not compulsory, but recommended to candidates as it will familiarize them with the test structure, and also cement their knowledge.

They are:
Foundational Level AWS Certification, and
Associate Level AWS Certification

Join AWS Solution Architect Professional Course Online

The best way to prepare for AWS Solution Architect is online. Enroll for a good course that will offer hands-on training through cloud labs and has cloud industry veterans or subject matter experts (SMEs) as trainers.

Online AWS Solution Architect Course is convenient for many reasons, chiefly because it is self-paced which means that professionals can proceed at their own pace. There are certifications like the one called Architecting on AWS Champion from Xebia that gets professionals ready for the exam in just 3 days. This is immensely helpful for ones who are strapped on time.

Practice with Sample Papers

Download the exam guide, and sample papers from AWS official website. Get familiar with them. Take the sample AWs test from there itself, and try to improve on your scores.

Use free resources available online

There are plenty of free, but invaluable learning resources online. Brush up your knowledge on AWS by following the blogs that are written by those who have taken the exam, read whitepapers on AWS, and attend relevant webinars.

Learn time management

Candidates have 2 and a half minutes to respond to 75 questions. This is not as easy as it appears as some of the questions might be paragraphs long, and some of the answers might also need to be long and exhaustive. What this means is that candidates must be adept at fast reading and writing.

End Note

This certification from Amazon Web Services is high in demand among professionals because of the value it provides. With rigorous practice, and training, aspirants can easily join the ranks of those select few who are certified as AWS Solution Architect Professional

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