AWS Certified Solutions Architect

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Technological transformation of businesses is a necessity to stay relevant in the marketplace. Aligning business solutions, services, or practices with the correct software and hardware requirements are best defined as solutions architecture. It could be the difference between a week long smooth transition and a year long drudgery.

Recent improvements in cloud computing services have seen a mass migration to cloud services. Even large organizations have preferred cloud services over in house computing infrastructure due to the former’s ease, flexibility and around the clock support. One of the bigger gainers in this movement is Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of Amazon. In 2020, AWS captured a whopping 31% of cloud market share. AWS certifications are in high demand in the market with organizations actively seeking professionals to assist them in their cloud journey.

Here we discuss AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, and how to attain this certification.

Looking Into AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

This certificate is a validation of the ability to architect and deploy safe and robust applications on AWS platform, to define a solutions architecture meeting customer requirements, and to provide implementation guidance to the organization. Prior work experience as a solutions architect for a minimum of one year and hands-on experience using AWS services such as compute, networking, storage, and database are recommended.

To become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, SAA-C02 AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam has to be passed (you can find it at link). As of March, 2021, the registration fee for the same is INR 11,400.

AWS also provides several free training courses at link

In case you are not the AWS savvy genius just looking for the certification, who would very much appreciate some AWS certified solutions architect online course to help you learn, here are some suggestions.

AWS training

AWS training provides multiple options of courses, provided by partners, to choose from. There is also the option of contacting the support for private training (link).

The course fees could vary depending upon the provider. Courses are available in formats such as self-paced videos, classroom training, and virtual classroom training.


Xebia provides one of the best AWS professional certification courses online in the market today. They are trusted by some of the top organizations and professionals across the globe.
The chief reason for this is that their courses are offered by their training partner, Binx.io. You must have heard about them for their various key AWS events such as AWS Amsterdam and the Google Cloud Developers Group Amsterdam.

Diploma in AWS Solution Architect – Alison

Alison provides a Diploma in AWS Solutions Architect, which is published by ClayDesk E-Learning. The Diploma consists of 19 models with three assessments, which takes 10-15 hours to complete. The biggest selling point is that the course is absolutely free.. In order to receive the certification (Alison Diploma certificate), 80% or more should be achieved in each assessment and a fee should be paid. More information can be found at link.

But there is no compulsion to get the Alison certificate, you could avail their course material for no charge to help clear SAA-C02 AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam.

The Diploma has been rated 5/5 in Alison.com

Linkedin Learning

Linkedin learning provides a wonderful course to prepare for the SAA-C02 AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam. The learning path consists of ten modules and takes approximately 20 hours to complete. The course is often updated, so the link mentioned above might not be the latest.

For those new to Linkedin learning, the first month is free of charge. From then onwards there is a monthly as well as an yearly subscription option.


Udemy presents a very comprehensive course to crack SAA-C02 AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam. The course contains over 25 hours of self-paced videos, 13 articles, 1 downloadable resource, and 1 practise test.

No prior knowledge in AWS services is required. The only requirements for this course are basic IT skills and a computer. The course fee is INR 8640 (with 30 day money-back guarantee), and a certificate is issued on the completion of the course. Once the course is purchased lifetime access to the materials is given.

The course is rated 4.7/5 with over 71,000 ratings


Simplilearn provides a detailed course plan for mastering the skills and acquiring the knowledge to become an AWS certified solutions architect. The training course is divided into three sections – self-paced learning, live class learning and a bonus Linux training.

There are three training options present – self-paced learning (INR 17,999), online bootcamp (INR 19,999) and corporate needs (varies based on needs).
The self-paced learning option consists of over 50 hours of e-training material, 16 live demos, 3 sample tests, 3 industry projects and access to integrated labs. The bootcamp contains the same but with added live class training and one to one mentorship.

What separates this course from other paid courses is that there is a 100% money back guarantee if the student is unable to get AWS certified. This goes on to show their belief in the effective training provided.

The course is rated 4.2 / 5 with over 3000 ratings


Intellipaat offers a resource intensive training course with over 36 hours of instructor-led training, 40 hours of self-paced videos and 32 hours of project work and exercises. The course material is neatly divided into 7 modules and also includes a free Linux course.

The entire course costs INR 25,593, but a smaller course excluding the 36 hours of instructor-led training is also available for purchase at INR 13,053.

The course is rated 4.9/5 with over 300 ratings

There’s no shortage of online courses. The ones available differ in various manners, and choosing the best suited to your needs is an important decision to make on your journey to a successful career. Here we have discussed 7 different courses to help you prepare for the SAA-C02 AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam, and start your career as a successful AWS certified solutions architect.

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