How To Build A Career In DevOps: Complete Guide

The world is moving at a faster pace. Enterprises across the world are going through a digital revolution with automation and Artificial Intelligence at the forefront of this paradigm shift….

Top 5 Big Data Courses for Developers to Learn in 2018

Top 5 Big Data Courses for Developers to Learn in 2018

The Indian IT scene is witnessing a slowdown in the last few quarters. Job cuts are happening partly due to IT majors downsizing and partly due to a shift in…

best Hadoop certification providers in Delhi NCR

What is Hadoop Certification? Overview and Career Path it Provides

Hadoop is an open source framework which is used for managing data storage and processing of big data clusters. The term Big Data refers to massive amounts of structured, semi-structured,…

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What is Deep Learning?

Wonder how Amazon sponsored ad & Netflix recommendations are tailor-made to our preferences? The answer, Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Machines are smart but can’t learn independently. Human programming intervention becomes necessary…


Concept of Database Security

What is Database Security? When it comes to information security, the triad of confidentiality, integrity and availability are key. Database security refers to a wide range of measures that help…