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  • How RPA does it?
  • Processes Suitable for RPA and Use Cases
  • RPA Market Size and Growth
  • RPA Development Skills
  • Robot Types
  • RPA Benefits
  • UiPath Software
  • Studio | Robot | Orchestrator | UiExplorer
  • Updating UiPath Studio
  • Chrome & Firefox Extensions
  • Connecting to a Source Control
  • Enabling Tracing
  • Sequences
  • Flowcharts
  • State Machines
  • Activities
  • Packages and Managing Packages
  • About UI Elements
  • UI Activities Properties
  • Input Methods
  • Establish portfolio flow
  • Output Methods (Screen Scraping)
  • About Selectors
  • Selectors with Wildcards
  • Full Versus Partial Selectors
  • UiPath Explorer
  • Recording Types
  • | Basic | Desktop | Web |
  • Manual Recording
  • Mouse. Keyboard. Find. Control
  • Full Text. Visible Text. OCR
  • Semi-Structured (Pattern) Data Scraping
  • Structured (Tabular) Data Scraping
  • Excel App Integration vs Workbook
  • Excel Application Scope
  • Read, Write and Append Range
  • Read and Write Cell
  • Build Data Table
  • Read Row
  • Native and Image PDF
  • Extracting Large Text Data
  • | Read PDF Text | Read PDF with OCR |
  • Screen Scraping |
  • Extracting Specific Elements
  • | Get Text | Anchor Base |
  • Find Element
  • Find Image
  • Find Relative Element
  • Scrape Relative
  • Email as Input and Output
  • Email Protocols
  • | SMTP | POP3 | Outlook | IMAP | Exchange |
  • Mail Activities
  • | Get | Send | Move | Delete |
  • | Get Text | Anchor Base |
  • Save Attachments
  • Save Mail Message
  • Control Center
  • Robots and Environments
  • Processes and Packages
  • Jobs and Schedules
  • Queues and Transactions
  • Assets, Alerts, Audit, Logs

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Xebia is a SAFe Gold Partner -demonstrating that we meet the highest standards in delivering quality of SAFe Training across globe and


work in close collaboration with SAFe through this globally recognized partnership.

Deliver quality as SAFe Gold partner

Interact with accredited SPCs who also have years of experience as active SAFe® practitioners.

Access to courseware, real world examples of SAFe implementation and extensive demo exercises

Get Access to study material, white paper, mock exam and case studies prepared by the industry experts with latest updates in the Agile industry.

Eligible for excess of SAFe community of active Scaled Agile experts and enhance your practical knowledge of SAFe®.

Continues learning through webinar , conference , meetups with leaders in industry.


Here is why you should choose Xebia to help you get UiPath certified:

  • Provided over 1,20,000+ professionals with unique learning opportunities
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Xebia is one of the best platforms in the industry today and what makes us stand apart is our expert trainers and UiPath Certified Trainers, along with interactive workshops and a focus on enhanced RPA learning techniques, Automation activities, team-based exercises etc., all included into the course curriculum.

Our energetic and dedicated trainers are your best choice. As highly skilled professionals with vast experience in delivering courses, our instructors invest their time in understanding the various challenges involved in enterprises and know what is required to succeed in the fast-paced and dynamic world.

Our instructors keep themselves up to date on developments and trends in their respective fields. With years of industry experience, they aim at delivering the training in a way that helps you build expertise in your field and get ahead in your career.

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